BS Prospect Rankings (WR, LB, DE Edition)

Welcome to the first of two posts with my positional rankings for the 2013 draft. Offensive linemen and running backs will be excluded, and TE/FBs will only get a quick look. Use them as discussion starters, to learn some new names, or don't look at them at all. It is entirely up to you.

This post will cover DEs, WRs, and LBs. The second will include DTs, safeties, CBs, and (of course) QBs. No analysis- just rankings.

Wide Receiver

1) Cordarrelle Patterson (6'3 205lbs, Tennessee)

2) Darrin Moore (6'4 216lbs, Texas Tech)

3) Da'Rick Rogers (6'3 206lbs, Tennessee Tech)

4) DeAndre Hopkins (6'1 200lbs, Clemson)

5) Justin Hunter (6'4 200lbs, Tennessee)

6) Keenan Allen (6'3 210lbs, California)

7) Terrance Williams (6'2 205lbs, Baylor)

8) Aaron Dobson (6'3 200lbs, Marshall)

9) Markus Wheaton (6'1 182lbs, Oregon St.)

10) Quinton Patton (6'2 195lbs, Louisiana Tech)

11) Robert Woods (6'1 190lbs, USC)

12) Tavarres King (6'1 200, Georgia)

13) Chris Harper (6'1 234lbs, Kansas St.)

14) Cobi Hamilton (6'3 209lbs, Arkansas)

15) Kenny Stills (6'1 190lbs, Oklahoma)


1) Kiko Alonso (6'4 242lbs, Oregon)

2) Alec Ogletree (6'3 232lbs, Georgia)

3) Jelani Jenkins (6'0 237lbs, Florida)

4) Arthur Brown (6'1 228lbs, Kansas St.)

5) Khaseem Greene (6'1 230lbs, Rutgers)

6) Zaviar Gooden (6'2 230lbs, Missouri)

7) Manti Te'o (6'2 255lbs, Notre Dame)

8) DeVonte Holloman (6'2 241lbs, South Carolina)

9) Sean Porter (6'2 230lbs, Texas A&M)

10) Vince Williams (6'1 250lbs, Florida St.)

11) Kevin Minter (6'2 245lbs, LSU)

12) Kevin Reddick (6'2 246lbs, UNC)

13) Sio Moore (6'2 229lbs, UConn)

14) Justin Tuggle (6'3 237lbs, Kansas St.)

15) Andrew Starks (6'2 240lbs, Princeton)

Defensive End

1) Bjoern Werner (6'4 256lbs, Florida St.)

2) Ezekiel Ansah (6'5 274lbs, Brigham Young)

3) Alex Okafor (6'4 260lbs, Texas)

4) Damontre Moore (6'4 250lbs, Texas A&M)

5) Quanterus Smith (6'5 249lbs, W. Kentucky)

6) Margus Hunt (6'8 275lbs, So. Methodist)

7) William Gholston (6'7 278lbs, Michigan St.)

8) Cornellius Carradine (6'4 265lbs, FSU)

9) Malliciah Goodman (6'4 270lbs, Clemson)

10) Dan Giordano (6'4 260lbs, Cincinnati)


- You may have noticed that ‘tweeners' (namely Dion Jordan, Jarvis Jones, and Barkevious Mingo) were left off of this. It was intentional. I defined "defensive ends" and "linebackers" as you would in a 4-3. The 3-4 DE/OLB hybrids were left off entirely.

- Wideout was also focused on guys with some size. The Stedman Baileys and Marquise Goodwins of the world are absent because I think we can all agree that the Bills should be looking for size.

- Character and/or injury concerns were not factored in at all. If I start to try and account for Quanterus Smith's knee, Ogletree's drinking habits, and Da'Rick Rodgers' questionable taste in women my head will explode before long. These rankings are based only on what kind of players I think these guys are and how I feel that should be valued by the Buffalo Bills.

- There undoubtedly are players that I missed entirely from each of these positions (most small school guys, for one), but be aware that I have seen a lot of guys in the past 9ish months. If you are wondering why a guy you like is not on here, it is pretty likely that I just prefer the names I listed to your favorite (tell me why I'm wrong, please!).

- I invite you to tear this to pieces and tell me what a moron I am (in fact, I encourage it). Please post your own rankings (or offer up questions/discussion points) in the comments section. I would expect the next post to be up soon enough, where we can hopefully have some fun with the all important QBs.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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