Buffalo Bills News, 2/23: Doug Marrone Opens Up From The Scouting Combine


The Buffalo Bills head coach took the podium on Friday. Read his thoughts here and much more on the quarterback position and more in today's links.

Inside The Bills | 2 qualities on Marrone’s QB must list

"Each position has certain characteristics that you’re looking for, but when you talk about quarterbacks people talk about decision making and accuracy and there are a lot of other intangibles that people may differ on."

Doug Marrone Combine Press Conference - VIDEO - BuffaloBills.com

We won't link to all the Combine material on BuffaloBills.com, but when the head coach talks - especially when we've never seen a team he's put together - we'll pay attention.

More clicks

Inside The Bills | Fitz took open competition news well
"I’ve talked to Tarvaris on the phone, I’ve spoken to Ryan on the phone," said Marrone. "Really my conversations between the players are private. I think that Ryan… and I really hate speaking for the players, but I think that (Ryan’s) good. I think we’re all competitors."

Doug Marrone still not ready to reveal what 2013 Bills will look like - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News
"Marrone, meeting with reporters today at the NFL scouting combine in Lucas Oil Stadium, still is reluctant to divulge any details of significance because he said, 'I really believe in face-to-face and being able to reach out or smell the breath or touch somebody' before he reaches any conclusions."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Aren't Married To Nassib Just Yet
Doug Marrone and Buddy Nix are playing it "close to the vest" with all the former Syracuse players, but especially the quarterback.

Eight in the Box: Biggest cap casualty - AFC East Blog - ESPN
James Walker confuses "biggest money saver" with "biggest cap casualty." The Bills will only save $450k on the cap by cutting Fitz. Chris Kelsay is the right answer for this question.

Titans sign S George Wilson to a 2-year contract - SBNation.com
Tennessee locked up Wilson, who was released by the Bills last week.

Adjusting YPC based on Defensive Personnel Packages | ProFootballFocus.com
"Mike Clay analyzes running back Yards-Per-Carry marks based on Defensive Personnel Packages faced by each back during the 2012 season." It's a neat article and C.J. Spiller is called "lucky" in addition to the third "best". He faced a lot of defensive backs but also exploited traditional defensive looks.

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