Matt Scott?

I haven't seen much discussion on the Arizona senior, so I thought I'd pose this question. What would you say to a late round (3rd-4th) quarterback pick? Scott is generally considered a developmental QB, but he has the tools to win a starting position this season. Three of his games are on YouTube. Here's what I like:

1. With the exception of Dysert, he is the only QB in this draft who is a read-option threat, but he is more accurate than Dysert. He has the experience and the willingness to run with the ball. While he doesn't appear able to rip off 50-yard runs in the NFL, he gained over 500 yards on the ground this season. He can move the chains and touchdowns in the red-zone with his feet. Since Marrone and Hackett will include a read-option element in their offense, Scott may be the best long-term fit in this draft for the Bills. While the other rookies might be more NFL-ready, without that dual threat, they may ultimately have lower ceilings.

2. Scott's arm is strong enough to make all the throws.

3. He always gives his team a chance to win. His tape shows his ability to lead a comeback, his willingness to take hits and sacrifice his body to get the win. The kid is a fighter who will rise to a challenge and play well in the clutch.

4. The Bills have a lot of needs, especially having let go Barnett, Nelson and, potentially, Levitre. Next to QB, perhaps the biggest need is a defensive playmaker. With as many holes as the defense has, and the generally poor play of 2012, a couple of 2nd and 3rd round picks are not likely to turn the ship around. The Bills need a dominant player on defense, and are most likely to find that player at #8. Not needing to pick a QB in round 1 or 2 will help the Bills address other needs.

My concerns from watching his tape are that his average size and release might make it more likely that he has passes batted down or deflected. But I'd like to see others' opinions, or maybe a breakdown from Jason.

My overall case for Scott is this:

None of the quarterbacks in this draft have me sold. I think Barkley will come in ready to start and will be better than Fitz in almost every dimension. While I think the other leading QBs are probable upgrades, I also wouldn't be surprised if they don't win the starting position over two veterans in September. Scott has as much upside or more than any of the other rookie QBs. So why not take a developmental QB who will maximize your upside in a year or two? If he doesn't pay off, you've only invested a mid-round pick. You can pick a QB high next year, and at the same time you've filled other team needs that don't have to be addressed in 2014.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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