Prediction: Bills copy 2011 Bengals (and thanks for everything!)

Hi everybody,

I don't want to go on and on here, but I love this website. I just recently registered to post on it, but I have been reading it regularly for the last two years since I discovered it. Keep up the great work.

I believe the Bills are going to copycat the 2011 Bengals draft and pick a WR in the 1st round and a QB in the second. Here are my reasons why:

Nix has expressed admiration for the Bengals 2011 draft that brought in A.J. Green and Andy Dalton.

Quote: "I look at Cincinnati last night," Nix said. "There's Marvin Lewis. He's been 10 years ... I don't know what their record was for the first six or seven years. Then they take A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. That duo has really turned them around and made them a playoff contender." (

Now combine this quote with Nix's other statements, like how they want a franchise QB and how they want a big WR who can catch the ball when he is covered.

FIRST ROUND: Cordarelle Patterson has the most potential to be an AJ Green-like player in this draft. While he does not have the starting experience that Nix likes, his measurables and success in the SEC match Nix's tastes in draft choices. There is risk here, but there is a lot of upside.

The only big WR who can catch while covered in free agency is Dwayne Bowe, and the Chiefs will likely keep him, via franchise tag or otherwise. The Chiefs WR depth after Bowe is unproven at best. Lose Bowe and their offense will become a series of Jammal Charles checkdowns. Even if Bowe hits free agency, there is going to be a lot of competition for his services.

Therefore, Patterson is the only chance the Bills have at getting that type of WR that Nix wants. That's why Patterson will go eight overall to the Bills.

2ND ROUND: I believe at least one of the following three QBs will be available when the Bills pick : Glennon, Nassib, and Wilson. Nix likely realizes this as well, so he will follow the Bengals' lead and wait until the 2nd round. If, and this is a big if, all 3 are available, I believe Nix goes with Nassib. Re-uniting Nassib with Marrone makes too much sense.

A lot of mock drafts have seen the Bills taking a LB at #8. While LB (and defensive playmakers in general) is a need, this is a deep free agency for LBs. However, other than Bowe, there are no WRs in free agency that matches what Nix wants, and there are certainly no free agent franchise QBs available.

So, this points to LB being the primary free agent target of the Bills. This will probably be where the Bills start putting all of their ideas on metrics to the test.

Whew! So this is my evidence, thanks for reading! Do you agree?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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