Ron's 2nd Mock Draft

This is my second stab at a mock draft for the Bills. In my first go round I had Buffalo trading back to 18 with the Cowboys and taking a QB with Smith, Barkley, Glennon and Wilson off the board. This time around I looked at the draft through the prism of some less than stellar bowl game performances. Take a gander and vote in the poll.

  1. Chiefs: OT Luke Joeckel -Andy Reid is the man in Kansas City. The Chiefs need QB help in the worst possible way but that may be addressed well before the draft. Alex Smith is due a $3 million roster bonus and $1 million of his $7.5 million salary becomes guaranteed on April Fools Day. The 49ers are already bumping up against the cap and need to create room. What better way to free up $10ish million in cap space than to trade Smith out of the conference? I don't even think it will cost the Chiefs all that much to get him-perhaps a 3rd rounder in 2013 and a 2nd or 3rd in 2014. After all, if the 49ers can't trade Smith they may have to cut him. Meanwhile the Chiefs can't lowball the 49ers with a ridiculous offer because a team like Jacksonville or Arizona might outbid them. With the QB position solidified at least through this QB poor offseason, the Chiefs take an OT who can protect Alex Smith. As an added bonus, the selection screws Reid's former employer out of a shot at the top rated OT in the draft.
  2. Jacksonville: DT Star Lotuleli -Jacksonville's new GM is making noises about salvaging the career of Blaine Gabbert. There are several possible reasons. He could be serious and intend on taking the best player available. He could be serious and also hoping to drum up trade interest. He could be a lying weasel intent on taking a QB. With no RGIII or Julio Jones to entice someone to fly up the board it's easy to see the Jags being stuck in the #2 slot-since there are a number of players who figure to get pushed down the board to teams in the top 10.The Jaguars need defensive line help. Lotulei seems to man the top spot on quite a few draft boards.
  3. Oakland: DE Bjoern Werner-The Raiders may want to trade down a bit given that the team has no second round selection. However, it may be tough for them to pull off because the teams that might want to jump up don't want to jump quite this high (or, like the Browns, don't have the picks). I could see it happening for a QB if there was one who a team considered a sure thing. From what I've read all of the QBs this year have question marks. So, assuming the Raiders can't get sufficient value in trade, Werner should help a woeful Raiders defense.
  4. Miami: CB Dee Milliner-The Dolphins have picks to burn and Tom Brady in the division. The Dolphins ship the Eagles #12 and #42, along with their 4th rounder. Miami still has a 2nd rounder and a pair of 3rds.
  5. Detroit: DE Damontre Moore-The Lions need help at DE, where it looks like they may have some holes develop this offseason. Detroit also needs help at safety but it's a bit early for a guy like Kenny Vaccaro.
  6. Cleveland: QB Geno Smith-The Browns string along the Jets, who are on the phone trying to trade up from #9...kind of like the way the team is sort of stringing Weeden along. The team ultimately refuses some good trade offers (perhaps even one from Orchard Park) and declares there will be an open competition for the starting QB job.
  7. New Jersey Jets: OLB Jarvis Jones-The Jets couldn't get up to 6, but with Smith off the board the Cardinals are more obliging. Arizona gets #9 and NJJ's third rounder. The Jets get someone to help the pass rush and Arizona's fourth rounder.
  8. St Louis: OT Eric Fisher-The Rams simply can't make do with New Jersey cast offs and expect Bradford to remain lucid for any stretch of time. OG Chance Warmack has to be a serious consideration here for the Rams as well. St Louis has picks to burn and ships Buffalo #22 and #46 and #80. Now if Jeff Fischer can just keep Titus Young from being such a headcase...
  9. Arizona: OT Lane Johnson-The Cardinals could take a QB but the run on them hasn't begun. Besides, without some protection it won't matter who is taking the snap since he'll be planted right after the snap anyway. Warmack again has to be a serious consideration but the Cards need OT help more than OG.
  10. Tennessee: DE Barkevious Mingo-DE is a big need for the Flaming Thumbtacks. Mingo is the 3rd one to be taken off the board and quite a few of the big boards I've seen have him as a fringe top 10 player. Need meets value.
  11. San Diego: OG Chance Warmack-Speaking of need meeting value, the Chargers need help everywhere on the offensive line. The Bolts get a guy who is rated in the top 5 on many big boards. Jerry Jones growls at his GM.
  12. Philadelphia: FS Kenny Vaccaro-The Eagles' defense is just awful and both safety positions are in need of serious upgrades. The team also needs help at OT but Philly backed out of #4 before the run really started and now at #12 that shelf of the cupboard is bare.
  13. New Orleans: DT Sheldon Richardson-The Saints pull off a trade with a division rival, giving Tampa 4th rounders in 2013 and 2014. With the Panthers needing DT help the little hop gets the Saints one slot ahead.
  14. Carolina: WR Keenan Allen-The Panthers need some offensive weapons for Cam Newton and get one in the consensus top WR available in the draft.
  15. Tampa Bay: CB Desmond Trufant-The Bucs just sent one first round CB packing and need a replacement for a graying Barber.
  16. New Jersey Giants: DE Ezekiel Ansah-The Giants have long done a terrific job of adding guys to their already stout defensive line. JPP had a down year and Ansah will help ensure the rotation is always formidable. The Giants give up #19 and their fourth in 2013 and 2014 to hop up to #16.
  17. Arizona: QB Mike Glennon-The Cardinals trade back into the first round, shipping the Steelers their second round pick and New Jersey's 3rd rounder from their earlier deal, plus a 2014 3rd rounder. The Cardinals don't wait for the run on QBs to begin before getting Kolb some competition/relief when he's knocked senseless. The Steelers get bailed out of something of an awkward slot for them given their needs in the secondary and a lack of DBs who represent mid first round value.
  18. Dallas: OG Jonathan Cooper-Jerry Jones holds his water and the Cowboys come away with the second rated guard in the draft.
  19. St Louis: OLB Alec Ogletree-The Rams worked the draft board and claimed a problem child WR to address their top 3 needs.
  20. Chicago: LB Manti Te'o-Yes, he hurt himself badly with his faux dead girlfriend and awful game against Alabama. However, Brian Urlacher is past his prime and may not be with the team due to finances and/or injuries.
  21. Cincinnati: DE Alex Okafor-The Bengals could use some help at DE and Okafor represents both need and value.
  22. Buffalo: WR Cordarrelle Patterson-He's big, though not huge. Sliding back to #22 and addressing a glaring need with the second guy at his position taken off the board is a pretty nifty achievement.
  23. Minnesota: DT Sharrif Floyd-Minny helps out the interior of the defensive line while cursing Buffalo and all who dwell within it for taking Patterson.
  24. Indianapolis: DT Jesse Williams-The Colts have needs on the offensive line at at DT. From what I've seen on a couple of draftnik big boards, Williams rates higher than the nearest offensive line at this point.
  25. Seattle: DE Datone Jones-The Seahawks are a surprisingly solid team. WR is a need but it looks like several will be around in the second round. The team instead adds to what can be a terrific pass rush.
  26. Buffalo: QB Tyler Wilson-The Bills ship the Packers the second rounder picked up in the trade with St Louis and Buffalo's own (higher) third rounder. The team finally takes a shot at a franchise QB. Now is he the right one? (Barkley, Nassib, Bray, Jones, Manuel remain on the board.)

Buffalo exits the first round with WR Cordarrelle Patterson and QB Tyler Wilson. Buffalo retains their original picks in the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th rounds and also has a 3rd round pick from St Louis.

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