Who were YOUR NFL favorite players from your youth?

The week leading up to the Super bowl, I love watching NFL network when they replay all of the past Super bowls. It really makes me remember all of those great players that made me fall in love with the game as a kid. I remember playing sandlot football in the snow in the Southern Tier. My buddy was always Tony Dorsett and I was always Sammy White.

So, my question to you fellow rumblers is, who were your favorite NON-Bills players to watch in years past? I don’t mean greatest players of all time either. They don’t have to be Hall of Famers. They just have to be players that you respected and were fun to watch. For example, I hate the Giants, but I used to enjoy watching Amani Toomer make his awesome catches. The guy was just pure smooooooth.

Please provide one player in each of the following categories: QB, WR, RB, O-line, D-line, LB, and DB. Here is mine:

Quarterback. This one is easy. Growing up, there were only three channels (2, 4, 7), but sometimes we could get channel 11 which came across the lake from Canada. They would always broadcast Minnesota Vikings games. Back then, the Vikes played outside in the snow and mud. Man football folks!! The conductor of all those great teams was Francis Tarkenton. He was so awesome to watch running around back there while the lineman trying to kill him would constantly whiff. I guess this also explains why I loved Doug Flutie as our QB so much. Here’s a taste:

Running back. This one was very hard to pick. I almost went with my boy Chuck Foreman (who was awesome) but I went with John Riggins. The Diesel was a beast blasting through defenders or simply carrying them on his back down the field. I bet you didn’t know this, but he also had 250 career catches. Crazy, eh?

Wide Receiver. Tough, tough, tough. I already tipped my hat to Sammy White, so I’ll cheat and break my own rules by picking another one. Steve Largent. Was he the biggest or fastest? No. But the guy could flat out play! Watching him catching bombs from Jim Zorn was a beautiful thing. He’s my second favorite WR next to Andre.

Offensive line. I can’t use Joey D here, so I gotta go with Art Shell. He was a road grader who played 14 years with the Raiders. Here’s to hoping Cordy Glenn is our modern Art Shell!

Defensive line. Going back to the Viking well here. Jim Marshall. I just loved watching the guy play. A member of the Purple People Eaters he was a monster for offensive lineman to try and block. At the time of his retirement, he owned the career records for most consecutive starts (270) and games played (282). Unfortunately, he is also known for this:

Linebacker. Lots and lots to pick from here, but I remember watching Jack Youngblood. He played for the Rams and was just a sight to watch him destroy the other team’s players. The man played like his hair was on fire. He could kick Chuck Norris’ ass!

Defensive back. Ronnie Lott. Why you ask? Cause he’s freakin’ Ronnie Lott!!

So have at it folks! Pick all the positions or just one.

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