BS Prospect Rankings (CB, Safety, DT, QB Edition)

This is the second of two posts where I take a stab at positional rankings for this year’s draft. The first edition was for WRs, LBs, and DEs. Here, I round out the rankings with CBs, Safeties, DTs, and (gulp) Quarterbacks.

No Analysis- just rankings.


1) Dee Milliner (6’0 201lbs, Alabama)

2) Desmond Trufant (6’0 190lbs, Washington)

3) Logan Ryan (5’11 191lbs, Rutgers)

4) Xavier Rhodes (6’1 210lbs, Florida St.)

5) Tyrann Mathieu (5’9 186lbs, Louisiana St.)

6) Darius Slay (6’0 192lbs, Mississippi St.)

7) Adrian Bushell (5’9 186lbs, Louisville)

8) Michael Carter (5’11 189lbs, Minnesota)

9) Rod Sweeting (5’11 189lbs, Georgia Tech)

10) Johnthan Banks (6’2 185lbs, Mississippi St.)

11) Leon McFadden (5’10 193lbs, San Diego St.)

12) Robert Alford (5’10 188lbs, Southeastern Louisiana)

13) Tharold Simon (6’2 202lbs, Louisiana St.)

14) Sanders Commings (6’0 216lbs, Georgia)

15) Travis Howard (6’1 200lbs, Ohio St.)


1) Jonathan Cyprien (6’0 217lbs, Florida International)

2) Duke Williams (6’0 190lbs, Nevada)

3) D.J. Swearinger (5’10 208lbs, South Carolina)

4) Kenny Vaccaro (6’0 214lbs, Texas)

5) Bacarri Rambo (6’0 211lbs, Georgia)

6) Phillip Thomas (6’0 208lbs, Fresno St.)

7) Eric Reid (6’1 213lbs, Louisiana St.)

8) Shawn Williams (6’0 213lbs, Georgia)

9) Matt Elam (5’10 208lbs, Florida)

10) John Boyett (5’10 204lbs, Oregon)

Defensive Tackle

1) Star Lotulelei (6’2 311lbs, Utah)

2) Sheldon Richardson (6’2 294lbs, Missouri)

3) Sylvester Williams (6’3 313lbs, North Carolina)

4) Jesse Williams (6’3 323lbs, Alabama)

5) Jordan Hill (6’1 303lbs, Penn St.)

6) Kawann Short (6’3 299lbs, Purdue)

7) Sharrif Floyd (6’3 297lbs, Florida)

8) Bennie Logan (6’2 309lbs, Louisiana St.)

9) Johnathan Hankins (6’3 320lbs, Ohio St.)

10) Datone Jones (6’4 283lbs, UCLA)


1) Geno Smith (6’2 218lbs, West Virginia)

2) Mike Glennon (6’7 225lbs, North Carolina St.)

3) Tyler Bray (6’6 232lbs, Tennessee)

4) Landry Jones (6’4 225lbs, Oklahoma)

5) Ryan Nassib (6’2 227lbs, Syracuse)

6) Matt Barkley (6’2 227lbs, Southern California)

7) Brad Sorensen (6’4 229lbs, Southern Utah)

8) Matt Scott (6’2 213lbs, Arizona)

9) Zac Dysert (6’3 231lbs, Miami Ohio)

10) EJ Manuel (6’5 237lbs, Florida St.)


- The DE/OLB ‘tweeners’ were once again left off. To at least name a couple: Jamie Collins is a potential fit; his name has picked up some steam after the combine. Brandon Jenkins is a notable name that’s been forgotten from this group because of injury, and Michael Buchanan was a pretty good DE for the Illini who I think projects as a 3-4 OLB.

- Once again, injury and character concerns (if there are any) were essentially ignored.

- I am hardly confident in ranking TEs, as I simply have not seen a good number of them. However, later round TE/H-backs that caught my eye include Mychal Rivera, Kyle Juszczyk, and Chris Gragg.

- David Amerson and T.J. McDonald are intentionally absent from the CB and Safety rankings, respectively. Amerson looks to me like he should move to safety and McDonald like he should move to nickel linebacker. Although they are both solid prospects, I opted to leave them out of the rankings entirely.

- Any questions or comments are encouraged. Feel free to tell me how hilariously wrong I am and why.

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