Assessing The Roster Right Before Free Agency

First off before I start I would like to say the sinisism on this site is getting worse and worse. Just throwing it out there.

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tavaris Jackson As much as I would love to see the Bills cut Fitzy, I can honestly say I don't think it will happen. Needless to say going forward this position needs to change. There are literally no options in FA. Gotta be upgraded via the draft. And I for 1 can say i would not be dissapointed if we pulled a Redskins and drafted 2.

RB/FB: CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson By far and away the strongest position on the team. We have 2 franchise calibre RB's and Buddy and his entire staff know this. it seems as if The Bills always seem to have a surplus at the RB position. Could be worse we couldn't have CJ and Fred.

WR: Stevie Johnson, Brad Smith, T.J. Graham We have a franchise WR in Stevie and a converted QB and a converted Track star. Glaring weakness in desperate need of an influx in talent. I would Love to see this addressed via the draft at #8 because we need to invest something significant here if our QB situation is going to get better.

TE: Lee Smith, Scott Chandler Pretty solid IMHO, we have a full time blocker who is extremley good at his craft and a 6'7 pass catching decent run blocking TE. Unfortunatly he is coming off ACL surgery and is a virtual unknown. So to say we need a body would be a wise thing. What kind of body is where some will come into conflict. Do we invest signifcant money/draft position or do we fill we marginal at best? A very good question.

OL: Cordy Glenn, Chris Hairston, Eric Wood, Kraig Urbik, Colin Brown, Eric Peras, Sam Young, David Snow Outlook good. 2 Potential pro bowlers in Wood and Glenn, quality starters in Urbik and Hairston. With depth in position with Pears, Young, and Brown We need fillers not superstars. I am quite happy with the job Buddy has done with this OL. I 100% trust his judgement when it comes to the OL. So I am not overly concerned with this group of 5 positions.

DL: Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, Torrel Troup, Alex Carrington and another DT(can't think of his name) As good as it's going to get at the NFL level. Significant money and draft picks invested here. Move Carrington to DE(again) and live to see another day fill the depth with undrafteds and retreads. no need to use valuable money or picks to improve here.

LB: Kelvin Sheppard, Nigel Bradham, Arthur Moats This is where it gets scary. Bradham meets Pettine's need for LB's. Fast, strong and versatile. My only concern with Bradham is lack of focus. Sheppard has had 3 years to "prove" it. He hasn't. is he capable of filling a gap? yeah maybe, but can he shed fill and make the play? NO. The Bills NEED to improve here and it needs to happen with significant money and draft picks. i would love nothing more than for the Bills to acknowledge this early in FA and pick up Player (S) with something to prove. i dont care about names. I want talent. There's Talent to be had in both the draft and in FA. make it Happen.

DB/FS/SS: Jarius Byrd, Da'Norris Searcy, Mana Silva, Aaron Williams, Ron Brooks, Stephon Gilmore, Leodis McKelvin, Justin Rogers I am going to be in the minority here when i say I am completly comfortable with the Bills staying pat in the secondary. I have faith in Gilmore, i have faith in McKelvin, i have faith in Byrd and I have faith in Searcy. these are all extremly young guys. They have learned 3 different defensive systems in 3 years. They just need time and help from the pass rush, but they need time to develop. we have invested serious draft picks and money into this group. It's time to let them work.

ST: Lindell, Sanborn, Powell I am ok with this group and don't want to type anymore.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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