Sorting through the Madness (Where do we go from here)

As 4 pm approached and the start of a new NFL season was on the verge, I tried convincing myself that Levitre will not leave us. But alas at 4:03pm, as I kept refreshing my twitter account - "yada yada yada reporting the Titans have agreed to terms with former Bills G Andy Levitre." Yes tears did begin to flow from my eyes, which were somewhat slowed down when at 4:05pm Ryan Fitzpatrick had officially been released by the Bills, only to flowing faster when I came to realize the wonderful $10,000,000 in dead space he is leaving us with in 2014.

Whatever, I must deal. There are a couple guys out there that could help our team out such as LBs Kruger and Ellerbe, TE Jared Cook, and G Louis Vasquez. Another refresh at 4:10 and all were off to other teams.

The following words flowed from my vocal cords (@#$* @#(*@ U(%)*J ^*$($)@/.

I read Brian's tweets to calm myself down and think about what lies ahead. Brian said "I have yet to see one free agent sign with a new team today that wasn't gratuitously overpaid. Glad the are taking their time." But just don't know how much I could believe. We are only creating more holes for our roster. Now we needs a QB, WR, G, OLB/DE, CB, ILB - Sweet.

I head over to SI and check out Don Bank's latest article about NFL decision makers - Best NFL Decision Makers

Start thinking to myself - these great franchises did not win superbowl's through free agency, rather the draft. However they DID have their QB.

I still believe that free agency allows a team to fill in needs - so the team can go into the NFL draft selecting the BPA regardless of position.

With that in mind - There are still a few guys out there that could be a potential target on the Bills radar. They include:

  1. Phillip Wheeler OLB - Raiders
  2. Connor Barwin OLB - Texans
  3. Shawn Phillips OLB - Chargers
  4. Manny Lawson OLB - Bengals
  5. Calvin Pace OLB - Jets
  6. Larry Grant ILB - 49ers
  7. Bart Scott - ILB - Jets
  8. Ray Mauluga ILB - Bengals
  9. Karlos Dansby - ILB Dolphins
  10. Greg Jennings WR - Packers
  11. Brandon Gibson WR - Rams
So there are still some players out there that can be had at a much better rate than we would have paid towards the beginning of this crazy day.
Moving onto the draft - A few thoughts
  1. The top of the first round is absolutely LOADED with DL/LB talent
  2. The QB Class is NOT deep but there is one franchise QB available
  3. WR class is very deep
  4. This year's draft may not seam as "sexy" as in the past few drafts but it has fundamentally sound players that can provide an important core to teams, all the way into deep rounds
The NFL Draft: My opinion regarding the QB position is different then others. I believe that Matt Barkley is the best QB in the draft class, and he's a franchise QB. - Rather than typing my opinion on Barkley you can refer to Chris Steuber because he shares the exact same thoughts. His opinions can be found at - or you can follow him on twitter Ryan Nassib does not impress me. His senior bowl was disappointing, his tape is average, his arm is average, and reminds me too much of a younger Fitzpatrick. Just because he played for Marrone doesn't mean Marrone will select him to be Bills QB. Mike Glennon's absolutely horrendous accuracy, poor decision making, Poor poise, poor pocket presence, poor footwork and poor mental make up really scare me. Glennon in the first round - absolutely not. Maybe the second or third.
With all that being said here are my favorite players to target w the first two picks
  • ROUND ONE - Matt Barkley (QB) - USC...Dion Jordan (DE/OLB) - Oregan...Dee Milliner (CB) - Alabama...Jarvis Jones (OLB) - Georgia
    EJ Manuel (QB) - Florida St...
    Tyler Bray (QB) - Tennessee
    WRs - Justin Hunter, Quinton Peyton, Terrance Williams, Ryan Swope
    OLB - Jamie Collins
And that's that Here is hoping to a productive rest of off season Cheers - and go Bills Mafia

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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