A trade down mock

If Geno Smith doesn't make it to No8 (and I hope he doesn't), I think the Bills should trade down. There are teams with plenty of ammunition to move up and I think the brain trust can take advantage of this to reshape the roster as the pickings in Free Agency are pretty slim.

R1.8. Trade to the Vikings for No23 and No25

Having traded Harvin the Vikings might look lustily at Cordarrelle Patterson and the points on the value board work in our favour.

R1.23. Menelik Watson OT/OG, 6ft5, 310lbs, 5.29secs

A shock selection? Yes. But with Levitre gone we do need a left guard and despite being above age (25) and with a single year starting, Watson is shooting up the draft. The left side could be a competition with either Glenn or Watson starting inside or outside. Either way, our No1 weapon CJ Spiller will be happy

R1.25. Justin Hunter WR, 6ft4, 196lbs, 4.41secs

Younger than Patterson with more experience, he has regained his speed after his non contact ACL. Has experience of playing both split end and flanker

R2.41. Trade to 49ers for No61 and No74 (from Carolina)

trade No61 to the Eagles for NICK FOLES QB

The 49ers have picks to spend and again we acquire an extra high pick to help the new coach. I then will trade No61 immediately to the Eagles for Nick Foles. This will allow the Eagles to stand still and have an extra R2 selection or move up if they want to. I personally see EJ Manual replaceing Foles but we get a Day1 starter who can be the QB of the future with a season under his belt on a cheap rookie contract. Lurie will do anything to have Kelly happy and Foles is clearly not a Kelly type player

R3.71. Vance McDonald, 6ft4, 269lbs, 4.69secs

An effective WR who spent a lot of time at Rice causing mismatches in the slot, but has substantial weight room strength for a TE

R3.74. Trade to Seahawks for No87 and R4 selection

R3.87. Dwayne Gratz, 5ft11, 201lbs, 4.35secs

A star of the combine but prior to that had a very strong season. With McGee gone and Williams maybe moving to safety, depth at corner becomes a need

At this point I will just call it by round because of uncertainty over the number of compensatory picks that the NFL will assign.

R4a Chase Thomas OLB/DE, 6ft3, 244lbs, 4.91secs

Familiar with the 3-4 defense and nice sack totals even when double team in the wake of Skov's injury. A football player rather than an athlete. Has a knack for sack fumbles and is quick off the snap helping to generate some additional pass rush

R4b Kevin Reddick ILB, 6ft1, 243lb, 4.72secs

One of the better interior backers remaining who maybe underperformed a little but is a strong blitzer and managed 6.5 sacks during his senior season

R5. Earl Wolff SS, 6ft, 209lbs, 4.44secs

Another combine star with a 39inch vertical but had a strong season. An unheralded team player who is a downhill hitter in run support. With Williams skill set uncertain at safety, depth is needed

R6. Tom Wort, ILB, 6ft, 237lbs, 4.78

A talented player affected by niggling injuries in his junior season but with the ability to be a 3 down player like Reddick. Can drop back into coverage as well as rush the passer and both ILBs might put Sheppard's roster spot under threat

So with some working in the draft we come away with our QB of the present and future (Foles), targets for him (Hunter, McDonald), as well as protection (Watson) whilst on the other side of the ball, 3 LBs (Thomas, Reddick, Wort) will give Pettine plenty of options whilst the secondary is also replenished (Gratz, Wolff)

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