First Time, Long Time - Buffalo Bills Mock Draft

Hello everyone,

I have been reading posts here for a long time, first time I have attempted to write one of my own. Let's see how I do.

I wanted to do my own mock draft because I keep seeing mock drafts here that, honestly, make me mad. So I wanted to talk about what I think is logical, and remember, this is all what I think, so it doesn't really matter.

I live in Western New York, and I have liked the Bills since I started watching football. I am in my early twenties so I don't remember the Bills ever being good. Depressing. Any who, I read A LOT about football every day, and I am on the road a lot for work and am constantly listening to ESPN radio. I'm pretty up to date with a lot of things happening in the NFL, but am no means an expert. I do consider myself a rational person though. Also, I don't watch a ton of college football, so I am going by where a lot of mock drafts have players going (approximately), and then I do a little reading about them. I say all this just to give you a little background on me, since this is my first post and I wanted to perhaps put a little validity into what I am about to say.

Free Agency - I think free agency should be reserved for when a team is on the verge of being a contender, which we are not. So I don't expect the Bills to make a lot of splashes in FA, but I do expect them to try address depth at certain positions. Namely cornerback, safety, linebacker, and maybe a guard. The only desire I have out of free agency is Darrius Heyward-Bey. I know, he was an overrated reach for a first rounder by a team with a terrible draft record. But you know what? I was in a bind last season in my Fantasy team and picked him up and he put up good numbers. And he was with an average Quarterback. He is solid. And without really anyone else, we would provide a solid choice at WR.

Draft - Here We Go!

Round 1 - Chance Warmack (Alabama) OG - OMG IT'S NOT A QUARTERBACK!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! Calm down. Listen. There is no quarterback worthy of a first round pick this year. We shouldn't make the same mistake we've done in the past (commit to a average quarterback - see J.P. Losman, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick). Otherwise we are going to find ourselves in the same situation we are always in. Warmack makes a lot of sense. A lot of draft experts say Warmack is the best overall player in the draft. That's not far off - Him and the rest of Alabama's O-Line is the reason they made Notre Dame look like a Division II team in the National Championship game. Doug Marrone is a former O-Line coach. We just had two guards leave in free agency, including Levitre, a very good player. And let's face it - any quarterback we pick is going to be average - which means we are going to have to rely on Spiller a lot. He is going to have to have a good O-Line to work.

Round 2 - Ryan Nassib (Syracuse) QB - As I rip apart the quarterback class, I then pick Nassib in the second. Am I a hypocrite? I pick him here because his draft stock has been rising so this would be our last chance of grabbing him. I'm not high on him, but his familiarity with Hackett's system (even though it's been reported that Marrone is'nt that high on him as a pro) will make him a solid back up (WHAT??? That's called foreshadowing my friends, diamond in the rough coming).

Round 3 - Sean Porter (Texas A&M) OLB - I think linebacker is our biggest need, even more so than quarterback. We bled yards last year. One of the main reasons Fitz was so bad, and Spiller was used so little (Besides Chan is an idiot) was because we were behind a lot and didn't have time to run the ball because as soon as the other team got the ball, they would go down and score. Nobody on this team can tackle. In fact, our two leading tacklers were cut. If Levitre didn't leave, I would have picked Jarvis Jones in the first round. I see Porter mocked to us a lot in the third. All I know is is we need a Linebacker.

Round 4 - Jordan Reed (Florida) TE - Chandler won't be ready at the beginning of the season (my feelings at least), and in today's NFL (and in Hackett's offense) you need a pass catching tight end. Reed is that (not much of a blocker, but that's what Lee Smith is for I guess). He could give us an option in the passing game.

Round 5 - Aaron Mellette (Elon) WR - Solid looking receiver that should be there in the fifth. Heard this phrase enough yet? He is a receiver that can catch even when he is covered. From NFL's combine report on him: " Reliable hands, wins jump balls in traffic and snatches the ball away from his frame whether tracking it over his shoulder or facing the quarterback". Exactly what the Bills are looking for.

Round 6 - Cornelius Washington (Georgia) DE/OLB - Again, we need linebackers. He should be a good fit in Pettine's defense. Compared to Aldon Smith. Only thing that concerns me is he may not be quick enough to cover New England's tight ends. But should still be a good player.

Undrafted Free Agents:

Kicker - No one specific. Any one who can make a field goal over 40 yards. Sorry Lindell.

Running Back - We need a little more depth, but shouldn't waste a pick because they aren't getting any playing time behind Spiller and Jackson anyway.

Quarterback (Of the future??) - Heff17 had a post a few weeks ago about Peter Lalich (see here for his post: I looked him up and the more I read the more I like. He's got Tom Brady/Peyton Manning like Football IQ. Solid thrower. Might be a little undisciplined. But being suspended from two Division I schools and going undrafted should give him a chip on his shoulder to make him work harder and prove everybody wrong, which is exactly what you want from your quarterback (See: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson). Read somewhere that if he hadn't been busted drinking underage in college (WHO DOES THAT???) and finished playing at a Division I school, he would be a for sure top ten pick. Look him up. I honestly think he would be a great pro.

And if not, we got Nassib to hold us over. We will be average again next year (with some solid improvements) and we will be able to pick from next year's much better quarterback class.

So that's what I think. Let the comments begin.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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