Simple free agency and a couple mock trade downs with picks


Levitre is getting paid 13 freaking million dollars next year. WOW!! Fitz is gone. Now who do we pick up. Here is my list with reasons:

Brandon Moore - He know Marrone and Levitre gone means he would be our starter at LG. Easy money and he starts now.

Leornard Davis - Yes he is old but he can block. He would be a stop gap to the OG we draft.

Devery Henderson - He was drafted by Marrone in New Orleans. He know the coach and knows the system that he is coming into. He is tall and can stretch the field.

Darris Hayward-Bey - Stevie wants him. Besides that he would be a reliable deep threat. He would make defenses be more honest than with TJ Graham.

Brandon Myers - Young and talented. He would stretch the middle of the field.

Kyle Moore - Has been a solid asset for the Bills. Sign him to a long term small price deal.

Brad Jones - He is young and can push Shepard. He might be better than him. You can never have enough young talent.

Bart Scott - Jets connection nuff said.

Mike Jenkins - Was the odd man out in Dallas and would be a solid contributor. No one is talking about him he could come to us on the cheap.

Antonie Winfield - The corner we should not have let go. He would be a welcome additon to the Bills. He could cover the #2 receivers and still be solid against the run. Could be a safety possibility.

The Draft:

Considering we only we will get a few, but not all, of the players above we will still need to fill a few hole with the draft. I am also trying to look at this from Buddy's eyes and his previous trends. I believe that we need to trade down and accumulate more pick and I will show two options.

First, we trade with Minnesota our #8 and our 2014 4th rounder for the 23rd and 25th overall picks. Then we trade our 23rd pick to San Francisco for the 34th, 93rd, 125th, and 157th picks. From those two trades we now have the following: 25, 34, 41, 73, 93, 102, 125, 136, 157, and 167, Now the picks

25th - Ryan Nassib or Tyler Wilson - We get our franchise quarterback here. love to be a fly on the wall with the battle of Marrone and Buddy on who to take. Familiar guy vs. SEC talent.

34th - Alec Ogeltree - OLB - Georgia - First round talent that hopefully will fall to the second round.

41st - DeAndre Hopkins - WR - Clemson - Talent to start oppisite Stevie now.

73rd - Tyrann Mathieu - CB - LSU - Troubled kid but can make an impact on the field now in press coverage.

93rd - Jordan Reed - TE - Florida - Can stretch the field and help in the run game.

102nd - Nico Johnson - ILB - Alabama - Solid middle linebacker that will be an asset against the run and pass.

125th - J.C. Tretter - OG - Cornell - Kid from a local school who could be a solid depth player.

136th - Matt Scott - QB - Arizona - He only player one year but can be a solid backup and fill in starter

157th - Conner Vernon - WR - Duke - Solid route runner who will be good in 4 and 5 wide receiver sets.

167th - Zach Line - FB - SMU - Nice 3rd string back.

Second, we trade our 8th overall and 71st overall to St. Louis for 16, 46, and 78. Then trade the 16th and 102nd overall to San Francisco for 31st and 34th overall. We then have 31, 34, 41, 46, 78, 136, and 167. Now the picks:

31st - Nassib or Wilson - See above

34th - Ogeltree - See above

41st - Hopkins - See above

46th - Vance McDonald - TE - Rice - Gronk Lite

78th - Justin Pugh - OG - Syracuse - Coach's guy goes from OT to OG
136th - Scott - See above

167th - Vernon - See above

This is just my ideas so let me know what you think. Thanks.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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