Post Combine Mock W/Trade

Now that the combine is over we are starting to get a better sense of where players will end up so I think it's time for another mock. In this mock the Bills trade picks 8 and 136(rd5) to San Fran for picks 31(rd1), 34(rd2), 61(rd2). This would give the Bills pick 31, 34, 41, 61, 71, 102, 167. This allows us to address a number of positions,

Rd1 Pick 31- Arthur Brown OLB KSU. I view Brown as a very athletic, versatile linebacker which makes him a perfect fit for a versatile defensive scheme. He was great player for the Wildcats, making many plays all over the field. He looks NFL ready and should be a starter from day one.

Rd 2 Pick 34- Tyler Brey QB Tenn. With this pick at the top of the second round acquired from SF the Bills address the QB situation. To be honest I don't know if Brey will be the pick but a QB will be the pick be it Brey, Nassib, Glennon, etc. I chose Brey here for a few reasons, the first being that he fits the description of what the Bills said they are looking for in a QB. He is tall and had a rocket arm. While he was inconsistent in college I think his mistakes can be corrected and with just a little coaching he could be a productive NFL starter.

Rd2 Pick 41 DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson We need WRs. Hopkins was a quietly productive player at Clemson, amassing some solid numbers this season. I was able to watch a good amount Clemson this year and he caught my eye on several occasions. He will be able to stretch defenses out vertically.

Rd 2 PIck 61 Justin Pugh OT/OG SU Pugh maned the left tackle spot exceedingly well this year. Being from the CNY area I watched a lot of SU and can tell you that Pugh has NFL talent. He might not be the greatest lineman but he could be an above average starter in the league. Here I would be drafting him as a guard so we could let Levitre walk.

Rd 3 Pick 71 Jon Bostic ILB UF Bostic is a talented ILB who showed his athleticism at the combine. He started for the Gators this year and showed improvement this year over last. I think that he will be considered a steal at 71 in a few fears. I found out that he was one of the most sought after high school recruits his senior year of high school but did not impress right away. This year he was much improved and with his strong combine performance I believe he finally get his act together and figured "it" out.

Rd 4 Pick 102 Shamarko Thomas S SU Hard hitting safety. Those are the first three words that come to mind when describing Thomas after watching him play. Thomas always seemed to be making a big hit for the Cuse. His combine performance was spectacular, especially when you factor in the faceplant. He will need to develop his coverage skills but in a short time the combination of him and Byrd will be among the best in the NFL.

Rd 6 Pick 162 Alec Lemon WR SU Sure handed WR who will be a high quality depth WR. At 6'1 202 with a 4.59 40 and solid hands Lemon should become a common name around if drafted.

UFA Rex Burkhead RB Nebraska. Insert any name you like here. Just need a little depth at rb.

WIth the Bills drafting Pugh I believe that this will allow the Bills to let Levitre walk away. Its tough to let a player like Levitre go but Pugh can become just as good of a player. With the money not spent on Levitre I think the Bills will go after a CB in FA. I prefer Cary Williams from Baltimore. He played well for the Raven this year and at 6'1 190 he has the size Nix prefers at CB. We will have to pay some good money but it will be worth it for a quality starter on a SB winning team. Also If we have money left over after signing a CB signing a WR would be ideal.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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