Free Agency Primer: Offense

With the start of free agency fast approaching, I wanted to get a start on ranking my top five at each position. I know there are a lot of rankings out but I haven't seen one on here yet. Now obviously these are my rankings so I'm sure not everyone will agree with them. Without further ado, here are my selections.

Quarterback: 1. David Garrard. If he can get over his issues with staying healthy, someone will get a good QB at a bargain. 2. Jason Campbell. He's a solid player who could be a very solid backup or even a starter on some teams. 3. Matt Moore. Probably should be a starter somewhere, but hasn't been given much of an opportunity. He has some solid upside and I'd be surprised if he didn't latch on somewhere. 4. Chase Daniel. As the backup to Drew Brees, some speculate that he could turn into a great starter at some point. I find myself intrigued by his upside but he would certainly be a gamble. 5. Vince Young. He's done decent as a starter, and at the very least will give some team a great backup. Honorable Mention: Bruce Gradkowski, Donovan McNabb, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn.

Running Back: 1. Steven Jackson. We all know about Jackson and how great a player he is. 2. Reggie Bush. While he won't ever be a feature back, he's a great situational player and a tremendous asset in the passing game. 3. Joseph Addai. Was a solid player for Indy. He'll be a good backup for someone. 4. Peyton Hillis. Went from Madden coverboy to a backup in Kansas City, that's probably the role he fits best. 5. Shonn Greene. Quietly rushed for over 1,000 and had a decent season. While he hasn't lived up to his potential, someone will take a shot on him. Honorable Mention: Rashard Mendenhall, Ryan Grant, Cedric Benson, Michael Turner.

Fullback: 1. Corey Mcintyre. I'll miss him if he truly does leave. 2. Ovie Mughelli. He's a decent player. Not many options to choose from.

Wider Receiver: 1. Dwayne Bowe. While some question his work ethic, he's one of the best options available. Get him Buffalo! 2. Mike Wallace. A great deep threat speed receiver, he'll get overpaid by someone. 3. Greg Jennings. Injuries are a concern, along with age. If healthy though he's a fantastic receiving option. 4. Wes Welker. I feel like he'll stay with New England, but if not it will be interesting if his production drops or not. 5. Randy Moss. If he doesn't retire, I'm certain some team will go after him. Honorable Mention: Danny Amendola, Brian Hartline, Titus Young, Steve Breaston. Well, it's a deep position.

Tight End: 1. Tony Gonzalez. If he doesn't stay in Atlanta he's gonna retire, but it would be absurd to leave him off the list. 2. Dustin Keller. The potential is certainly there, along with the upside. He could be a great signing. 3. Jared Cook. A very athletic player, likely to get tagged by the Titans. The thought of him in a Bills uniform makes me drool a little. 4. Delanie Walker. Good as a pass catcher and as a run blocker. He'll be a great addition to some team. 5. Fred Davis. A very productive player for Washington. Honorable Mention: Jeremy Shockey, Chris Cooley, Martellus Bennet, Dallas Clark.

Offensive Tackle: 1. Ryan Clady. He's been franchise tagged by Denver so he'll be going nowhere most likely. 2. Sebastian Vollmer. The Patriots would be dumb to let him walk, and I doubt they will. 3. Brandon Albert. Injury concerns aside, he could be a valuable blind-side blocker for whoever gets him. 4. Jake Long. Some are wondering if he's starting the downside of his career. Someone will give him a shot based on his production. 5. Jermon Bushrod. Considered a mostly average starter, he'll get a good payday anyway. Honorable Mention: Andre Smith, Chad Clifton, Bryant McKinny, Jeff Otah.

Guard: 1. Andy Levitre. Please Buffalo get him re-signed already. 2. Brandon Moore. Yep, he of the infamous butt fumble. He's going to get a nice payday somewhere 3. Louis Vasquez. Odds are he should get re-signed by San Diego. 4. Chad Rinehart. If the Bills let Levitre walk then Rinehart needs to be re-signed. He'll be a starter somewhere. 5. Rex Hadnot. A solid yet not spectacular guard. He's good in run blocker but not so much in pass protection. Honorable Mention: Vince Manuwai, Stephen Peterman, Lance Louis.

Center: This position isn't getting a listing due to the fact that there are only ten players and most of them will be retained by their respective teams.

Well, that covers the offensive side of the ball. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where I will cover my defensive player rankings. I'm still debating on whether to include special teams rankings or not. I guess it will depend on the feedback I get from you guys. So now that you have my list let me know how I did in the comment section. Thanks for everyone who reads or recs this.

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