Seven Round Mock Draft to Fall in Love With

I'm a fan like most of you out there who are concerned with the mediocre draft pick we have this year, and the holes we have to fill on the team. Daily I search for new and updated mock drafts to try and find the one draft that makes the most sense. I am all for the idea of trading back but with Buddy as the GM I do not see him doing that. The other day I found the one I think I had been searching for. It was a full 7 round mock draft provided by They suggest it goes like this.

1. Cordarrelle Patterson WR

2. Kevin Minter ILB

3. D.J Swearinger S

4.Travis Kelce TE

5.Brad Sorensen QB

6.Joe Kruger DE

Here is the link

Now many of you are probably saying, "wow no qb till round five?" Yes. Now let me get to the other picks before I jump into that discussion.

First overall pick Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennesse. This pick may be a bit of a reach with him only playing one year of collegiate Div 1 football. However this kid has everything we need for our complimentary receiver opposite Stevie. Speed, Height, and YAC. He is straight up potential which I have no problem with them picking. The last time they did that it worked out pretty well (C.J Spiller)

Second Round goes to linebacker Kevin Minter out of LSU. Now this pick is tough to judge because many say that he will be off the board by then. If that happens this draft is really deep in defensive players. I felt like this pick made sense because of the connection of LSU with Kelvin Sheppard already here. The two could provide great interior defense with Lawson now on the outside.

Third Round is Safety D.J Swearinger out of South Carolina. This guy can straight up hit people. Go watch so highlight tape. Also does well in coverage too so thats something he could grow at. Lastly I am crazy about the idea of having two ballhawking safeties that make opposing qb's nervous to throw on.

Fourth Round is Tight End Travis Kelce out of Cincinnati. This one is simple for me. Draft our Gronk or Hernadez. Very solid in the pass game

Fifth Round is QuarterBack Brad Sorensen Utah State. Watch some film on him because he is very impressive if you watch. Very strong arm with a very fast release. Now ill explain the reason for a qb so late. It is very simple. WE HAVE C.J. SPILLER. All season long we watched as the coaching staff made Fitzy throw and throw while C.J Spiller sat in and pass blocked. I don't want to have another season where try and make our quarterback into something he doesn't have to be. Especially a rookie quarterback. This guy could be a big steal if used correctly

Last pick Defensive End Joe Kruger Utah. Yes the brother of Paul Kruger. Big guy with big strength that could turn into something if coached right. Could be influenced tremendously by our other great DE.

That is all though. I like the overall theme of this draft. Let me know what all of you think!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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