Once upon a midnight dreary ....

Dear Fellow Buffalo Bills Fans,

In a fanpost by Qtip9008, I stumbled onto something I have been thinking about for sometime but didn't have a good way to put it. I know most here think we are devoid of so much talent, but I disagree and I would like to show you what may perhaps be a look into the future of the Buffalo Bills. There are a lot of dots to connect here and I think they are all starting to make sense to me and I wanted to share my thoughts and get yours as well.

I have both mentioned this before and have seen it mentioned elsewhere but this years draft class, in regards to quarterbacks, is reminiscent of the 2008 class. Here is one link leading up to the 2008 draft and I encourage you to do some Google searches for more, if you are so inclined. In 2008 there were about 5 quarterbacks projected to go in the top 3 rounds with only Matt Ryan slated as a top-10 pick. Sounds familiar, right?

The trouble in the draft is and always will be pinpointing the 'right' guy. The Ravens ended up selecting a QB with question marks with the 18th overall pick. I guess we all know by now how that ended up. So that lead me to do a bit more research on the pick and the Ravens team during that time frame....

Basically in 2007, the Ravens were bad, like 5-11 bad. Like head coach got fired bad. After drafting Flacco they were 11-5 and playoff good. How did that happen?

Baltimore Ravens 2007:

OK, so what sticks out? They have no answer at QB, a 1200 yard RB, a 1000 yard WR and not much else on offense. On defense they have 5 big time players in Lewis, Scott, Suggs, Reed and their rookie Ngata. However they were just plain bad.

Hmm... that sounds familiar to me. That's basically the 2012 Bills. No QB, Spiller & Stevie on offense. On defense Mario,Kyle & Byrd all pro bowl level talent and an up and comer Dareus and a rookie Gilmore. They were plainer than bad, they were vanilla Wannstedt bad.

Baltimore Ravens 2008 Offseason:

  • Fired their HC, Hired John Harbaugh who up until that point was a special teams/defensive backs coach
  • Retained Rex Ryan, who retained Pettine
  • Made no major FA acquisitions

OK, so what sticks out? Hired a relatively unknown at HC and our D-coordinator was on staff! The defense was bad, the offense was bad and they were standing still like a buffalo on a throwback Bills helmet during free agency. Fans must have been in an uproar!

Baltimore Ravens 2008 Draft:

  • Selected Joe Flacco from Delaware at pick #18 even though many considered him to be a second round prospect. They picked RIGHT from a group of 4-5 guys that had 'potential' with some 'flaws'.

The rest is really history from there. Check out these links to 2008 stats here and story here if you like. They changed head coaches and drafted (some may have said reached for) a QB in round 1 and that is really all it took. Their defensive roster remained the same for the most part and they improved to 11-5 and made the playoffs.

I know some will say, well that's just happenstance and there is no way you can connect the dots and that the chips will fall in place for Buffalo like they did for the Super Bowl champions. I'm not saying that they will but I am saying, as I have been saying, we are not that far off.

They had 1 RB and 1 WR on offense that really mattered and made a good pick at QB. On defense they had 3 pro-bowlers and a couple of other good players.

We can match that. This year. Draft the RIGHT QB in round 1.


As always thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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