I still have faith in buddy

I guess I am not as pessimistic as my fellow fans because of the coaching staff we have this year. HDMC was one of the most sought after coaches this year. He had glowing recommendations from The Bill Polian. And Mike Pettine too? I know Rex Ryan is a clown but he was truly sincere when he said, "I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes.. except Buffalo."

The difference i see is that we didn't get a re-tread coaching staff. This is why I still have faith in Buddy. I understand his past mistakes. He hired gailey (who else wanted to come here?) and paid fitz. But if you ask me, the direction this team is going in right now is a lot better than I can say in the past several years.

We have enough talent to make a run if we get a good qb. Everyone is knocking this year's draft class because no one is elite. But there are still some good quarterbacks. Fitz was average. In those 4 games where he had the ball in his hands in the final minutes he blew it. A good qb will come out with 2 wins at least.

All the "gaping holes" we have to fill? I understand WR. Luckily this class is super deep at that position.

We let Levitre go. But I am not worried because HDMC is a great o-line coach. Also buddy has proved he can find solid lineman at low costs. pears, urbik, rinehart, hariston, even getting cordy in the second round.

At SS we cut the senator but Searcy will now be the starter. He has paid his dues and has made some plays with limited snaps. I believe his run stuffing tenacity will be a nice compliment to byrd's playmaking in the passing game.

At LB we have Lawson at SAM, Bradham (who i'm very high on) and Shep (who i'm not so high on) in the middle, and a (1-3 round) rookie at will. Barnett was garbage last year, I cant see a highly touted rookie possibly being any worse.

At CB mclovin and twitter-fiend a. williams will have a good battle for the #2 spot and i guarantee ron brooks will be the nickel (i love me some ron brooks).

Add in a tight end in the draft as well and our roster looks good to me. With the coaching staff we have we could start making a difference. i understand my whole argument rides on getting a good qb. Buddy said He would give us one before he hands the reigns to Whaley. Who I also love. Have faith, go bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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