The Whole Offseason

The storylines of this offseason:
New Coaching Staff
Little to no movement in free agency
The fanbase wants a winner in the worst way

If I was the braintrust of OBD and started working today this is what I would do.

First, we trade with Minnesota our #8 and our 2014 4th rounder for the 23rd and 25th overall picks. Then we trade our 23rd pick to San Francisco for the 34th, 93rd, 125th, and 157th picks. From those two trades we now have the following: 25, 34, 41, 73, 93, 102, 125, 136, 157, and 167. Now the picks:

25th - Ryan Nassib or Tyler Wilson - We get our franchise quarterback here. Would love to be a fly on the wall with the battle of Marrone and Buddy on who to take. Familiar guy vs. SEC talent.

34th - DeAndre Hopkins - WR - Clemson - Talent to start oppisite Stevie now.

41st - Jamie Collins - OLB/DE - Southern Miss - Big and fast. He would be a solid contributor and be able to make an impact now.

73rd - Tyrann Mathieu - CB - LSU - Troubled kid but can make an impact on the field now in press coverage.

93rd - Jordan Reed - TE - Florida - Can stretch the field and help in the run game.

102nd - Nico Johnson - ILB - Alabama - Solid middle linebacker that will be an asset against the run and pass.

125th - J.C. Tretter - OG - Cornell - Kid from a local school who could be a solid depth player.

136th - Matt Scott - QB - Arizona - He only player one year but can be a solid backup and fill in starter

157th - Conner Vernon - WR - Duke - Solid route runner who will be good in 4 and 5 wide receiver sets.

167th - Zach Line - FB - SMU - Nice 3rd string back.

Darrin Moore - WR - Texas Tech - I watched his you tube video and all he did was be a solid reciever and player. 6’ 4” and the number one receiver for Texas Tech. A #4 wide receiver for the Bills.

Levine Toilolo - TE - Stanford - While Ertz gets all the pub Toilolo has been compared to Scott Chandler. Why not get him.

Kenneth Tate - OLB - Maryland - He did not have a stellar senior and his draft stock fell. He can still play if anything on special teams or a backup.

Anthony Cantele - K - Kansas State - Competition for Lindell


So we have roughly 10 million to spend on free agents so the following would be a solid help to us.

Brandon Moore - He know Marrone and Levitre gone means he would be our starter at LG. Easy money and he starts now.

Kyle Moore - Has been a solid asset for the Bills. Sign him to a long term small price deal.

Mike Jenkins - Was the odd man out in Dallas and would be a solid contributor. No one is talking about him he could come to us on the cheap.


QB - 1st rounder, Jackson, Scott
RB - Spiller, Jackson, Line
WR - Johnson, Graham, Hopkins, Moore, Vernon, Easley
TE - Chandler, Dickerson, Classin, Reed
OT - Glenn, Pears, Sanders, Hairston
OG - Moore, Urbik, Tretter, Brown
C - Wood, Young

DT - K. Williams, Dareus, Gilbert, Carrington
DE - M. Williams, Moore, Anderson, Moats
LB - Bradham, Sheppard, Lawson, Johnson, Collins, Scott, Tate
S - Byrd, Searcy, A. Williams
CB - Gilmore, McKelvin, Brooks, Rogers, Mathieu, Jenkins

LS - Sanborn
P - Powell
K - Lindell

With all this turnover in staff and players we, the fans, can expect:
Speed, speed, and more speed
a more aggressive defense
an offense that other teams fear
games that mean something in December and January

If this comes to pass it would be a Christmas miracle. Let me know how I did.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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