Fred Davis' Interesting Comments

I was reading Chris Brown's blog today and Chris had interviewed Fred Davis. This is a common occurrence for Chris Brown every year as he typically interviews free agents that visit the Bills. Sometimes the free agent signs with the Bills and sometimes they don't.

Today Chris interviewed Fred Davis who is a free agent. You can read the whole article here. Chris and Fred talk about Scott Chandler's presence on the football team. During the exchange I think we might have gotten a little nugget of information about the Bills plans at QB next year from him.

“The offense that they’re running, it’s very tight end friendly and if you add a rookie QB the tight end is the safety net,” said Davis. ”So there would be a lot of opportunities and whoever the other tight end would be.”

In courting any free agent and specifically offensive free agents chances are they want to know what the QB situation is if it's murky (use any adjective you like) as the Bills is. The fact that he went out of his way to not only mention adding a rookie QB but the opportunities the rookie QB would provide both Davis and Chandler caught my eye.

In my head i'm thinking that Russ, Buddy and Doug was asked about the Bills QB position and what their plans were. Chances are that a rookie QB per Fred's words are going to be a major part of what the Bills do next year and relayed that to Fred. It's no surprise that Buffalo's offense will be TE friendly. DanRoc had these comments in the fanpost titled Game Review: OC Hackett and the 29th Ranked Passing Attack:

In his Statistical Scouting Report of Nassib, @NU_gap showed that Ryan Nassib threw intermediate, 11-20 yard passes 26.5% of the time, more than any other QB in the last two draft classes.

There are 2 things i'm getting out of the article and DanRoc's quote mentioned below and i'm kind of bringing them into my way of thinking here with Fred's comments:

1) Buffalo's offense will be TE friendly

2) Ryan Nassib is a perfect fit for this offense

Here are my questions to you:

1) What do you think of Fred Davis' comments on a rookie QB? Am I reading too much into that or do you think that Fred slipped a little bit in that interview and might given us a little insight to the Bills draft plans?

2) Nassib is seemingly a great fit for our new offense as he ran it the past few years and it's highly likely that he will be there at 8. So does Buffalo go ahead and take Nassib at 8 in order to secure their QB? Remember Buddy said if you like a guy in the 3rd round you had better take him in the 2nd so he's "up with the times" if you will in regards to over drafting QBs from a grade perspective.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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