The Buffalo Bills Franchise QB - and the Future is Here

Matt Barkley is the top quarterback in this year's draft, and will be the most successful in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills have a chance to select Barkley with the 8th overall pick, and finally have a franchise QB they have been seeking since the Jim Kelly Era. I have watched every single snap Matt Barkley took at USC, and his pro-day; and have put together this scouting report.


Barkley measured in at 6'25" 227lb. Has a thick, bulky, muscular frame - with room to add. His shorter height showed no signs of hindering his play.

Arm Strength

  • Yes, Barkley's arm strength is not spectacular - but don't be fooled, he can absolutely make all of the throws with the appropriate touch and zip that is required of an NFL QB. Shown that he can throw well on the run.
  • Trust his arm strength - shows ability to squeeze passes into tight windows.
  • Pro-day showed he is capable of making the tough throws, and put decent RPMs
  • Pro-day - had no problem throwing the deep ball
  • Pro-day - threw several beautiful back shoulder throws
  • Pro-day - Threw good deep outs
  • He is not scared to make any of the throws
  • One throw that sticks out to many scouts is a deep ball against Oregon in which he overthrew Lee.
  • Note - Scouts raved about Gabbert's arm strength and ideal height in the 2011 NFL draft. Not working out so well.
  • Note - Scouts super raved about Jamarcus Russel's arm strength - he is a sure fire hall of famer isn't he....


  • Accurate passer
  • Has superb anticipation - can make the throws before receiver turns around
  • Excellent touch on all passes
  • Displays excellent accuracy in short to medium throws
  • Displays excellent accuracy in deep throws
  • Has shown continued improvement on accuracy to deeper passes that require a low trajectory and high velocity, as his tape has shown
  • Timing with receivers is excellent
  • Barkley has shown inaccuracy with the deep ball and with passes to the opposite hash, however he has improved every year in this area

Mechanics, Footwork, Pocket Presence

  • Barkley excel's in mechanics, footwork, pocket presence...
  • Played in pro-style offense taking snaps from center
  • Footwork has improved every year - and at pro-day showed a faster step back
  • Superb footwork during plays, in the pocket, allows himself to avoid defenders
  • Steps into his throws, shows excellent rhythm
  • Play action is superb, sells the run very well and sets his feet up well to throw
  • Is surprisingly good at throwing on the move
  • Excellent mechanics, with a good high release, and fluid throwing motion
  • Ball comes out of his hand with fluidity
  • "Every throw he made he was balanced" - Mike Mayock
  • Excellent pocket presence, feels the rush, moves well in the pocket, and get's the ball out when he needs to
  • Barkley stands tall in the pocket, pressure does not bother him, will take a hit if need be

Production & Experience

  • Barkley started as a freshman at Mater HS at the age of 14, taking them to three straight state titles
  • Barkley was the first rookie to start in USC history and was also a three time captain
  • Had 4, 6TD passing games in career
  • Barkley's 2011 game against Stanford is probably the greatest College FB game I have ever seen à back and forth with Andrew Luck
  • Every year Barkley's pass average increased
  • If you want to look at specific statistics please visit your local sports website - the fact is we know his stats are out of this world, I need not further explain

Football IQ

  • Absolutely excels in football knowledge
  • Will recognize the blitz & coverage; will call appropriate audibles
  • Mastered USC's NFL style offense
  • Has no problem with the no huddle hurry up offense - calls own plays at the line
  • Will learn the opposing defense's weaknesses and attack accordingly
  • Excellent decision maker, especially in the clutch
  • Knows where to throw the ball depending on defense
  • Progresses through reads quickly, makes correct decision
  • Processes info very quickly, will not have any issues adapting to the "speed" of the NFL
  • Gets the ball out QUICK - something that is important in Hacket's west cost offense
  • Workaholic, grinder, puts in the hours to be the best à 1st in and last to leave
  • Has a superb understanding of the game of football and prides himself to for his passion for the game
  • Because of his playing style does an excellent job with his eyes and body motions, freezing defenders
  • Makes very few mistakes


  • Leadership and intangibles are off the charts
  • Every coach he has confronted have given him full responsibility of the offense, and trust him
  • Barkley took full command of his offense at USC, and took full command of the locker-room
  • Adversity? Barkley knows it all too well. He started as a rookie for USC during Carrol's last season. He faced all the USC sanctions and refused to leave. He lost Anthony Davis (RT), Matt Kalil (LT), and for most of his senior season lost Khaled Holmes. Pretend we lost Glenn, Hariston, Woods - fun stuff right?
  • Consistently participating in community projects, and giving back whenever he gets a chance. When asked why he went on his recent mission trips he replied "We thought things could not get any worst at USC, but when went down and helped, and to these kids a soccer ball changed their entire lives, it helps to give you perspective on your own life."
  • I believe his time at USC during his senior year will absolutely help him in his NFL career. He was used to having things go so well, but what happens when everything falls apart? He continued to work hard, and tried his hardest to make things happen. He took all of the responsibility on HIS shoulders. He tried to make too much happen. USC was ranked close to the bottom of the NCAA for defense. Want to know why he had a bad season - he tried to do too much. When the rest of the team failed - he refused to go down with out a fight - that is the sign of a LEADER, a warrior, a franchise player
  • Throughout his career as a QB Barkley has succeeded. He is a proven winner, a leader, and someone who has broken countless record books with his play. Barkley's successful ways will continue in the NFL.

Summary & Fit in Buffalo

  • Barkley would have no problem adjusting to Hacket's west coast offense, and would in fact thrive in such an offense.
  • The Buffalo Bills are a team built on hard work, a strong relationship with the community, and a group of players who exemplify teamwork. Barkley fits the bill.
  • For far too long we have played door matt to the AFC-east and have been the budding joke of the NFL. We need a face to our franchise. We need a leader who will have no problem facing against the Tom Bradys of the NFL. We need a QB with the skill set to adjust quickly, make big plays, and help our offense succeed on a regular basis. We need someone who has no problem of handling the adversities of being a "small city" franchise, and breaking the Buffalo's Bills playoff absence. He is the kind of person who will put in the time, effort, and motivation to excel as the Buffalo Bills franchise player.

Go Bills, and Go Billsmafia!

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