Attention: Buddy Nix and Russ Brandon

March 4th 2013

Buddy Nix and Russ Brandon
1 Bills Drive
Orchard Park, NY 14127

United States of America

Dear Buddy and Russ:

We are just over a week away from the beginning of free agency and the calendar start to the 2013 season. This is a great time of year because we can finally put to rest another bad year and look forward to a successful and rewarding 2013 season.

For us fans now is the the time to dream and the time where we think about adding new exciting players in free agency and the draft to hopefully propel the Buffalo Bills into the playoffs this coming year. However, there is something about 2013 that I am concerned about so I am writing this letter to make you aware of how I will approach 2013 and i'm sure many other fans will as well.

I am as big of a Bills fan as you get. I don't have the money for an RV with a Bills mural but that's about it. For the first time I think ever as a dedicated Bills fan I feel a hint of apathy that is starting to creep in. It hasn't taken over my mentality mind you but I can feel that mindset creeping it.

The source of that apathy is Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think Ryan is a great guy and certainly the type of person you want leading your franchise. He's smart, says the right things and he won't get into trouble in the off season. Unfortunately, he has also proven he cannot lead this team to a contender status.

It's only March but I can already feel that if Ryan Fitzpatrick is leading the Bills in 2013 as the starting Quarterback that my already short attention span will be virtually non-existent. I know that i'll watch the opener with my friends who always throws a large party for Bills openers but after that exciting feeling that captivates me the first game I know my dedication will wane. I know that we will never be anything more than a mediocre team at best with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm and if he is the starting Quarterback in 2013 then my attention to the Bills will plummet. I have at times already started watching better football games just for the simple fact I like to watch good football.

I'm well aware that you know how us fans feel in regards to the team. We live, love and breathe these Bills but I feel as that dedication is slipping. As a fan, I need something to get excited for and I need our team to get away from mediocre players that get talked about as winners when in reality they are not winners on a football field. Which is what matters most in football.

My message is a simple one. I love the Bills. I want to continue loving the Bills for years. I need you to keep apathy from creeping into my thought processes. In order to do that change is needed.

I'll let you figure out what changes are needed to get rid of the creeping apathy.



Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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