ATF's Post Combine Mock Draft

Hello all, aren't you so excited to be reading yet another mock draft! Those of us who have been around for a while know that most likely our targets will change in the next 50 or so days until the draft. That being said first I'll explain my FA signings then get right into the draft.

FA Signings

With needs at QB,WR,LB,CB it would be my goal to A) retain my impact FA's and knock off one of the needs on my list. I feel like the draft has a lot of talent at LB, WR and CB but there are no FA QB's so that will have to be addressed via draft. I am not going to give numbers on the deals but I will be realistic in my signings.

Resign: Kyle Moore, Leodis McKelvin. Get Byrd done long term

FA Signed: Dustin Keller TE- With the injury to Chandler it'll be nice to have some insurance as well as being able to run a 2 TE set.

DRC-CB- It came down to him or someone like Krueger. I like DRC a lot and with all the CB's out there in FA this year I think something like 6 million a year would get him or Derek Cox. It would allow us to move Wiliams to SS where he has always belonged.

We have cut our needs to QB, LB and a secondary need at WR with Keller helping to occupy that role.


Round 1- Geno Smith- I don't think Oakland takes him and I think Arizona has their man in Matt Barkley. Alright Bills fans do we officially have our first franchise QB of the 21st century?

Round 2-Aurthur Brown ILB- Either him or Alec Ogletree will fall to the 2nd rd. Either one will be a STEAL for us. If I were Nix I would probably trip on my way to give my card to the commissioner.

Round 3-Quitton Patton WR- 6'2 and fast check and check.

Round 4- Justin Pugh- OL Has the ability to come in and continue learning under Marrone. Can maybe replace Levitre year 1 then take over at RT if Hairston doesn't work out.

Round 5- Marcus Lattimore- Best talent still available. Will have to sit for a year well he gets healthy. Can eventually be the thunder to CJ's lightning.

Round 6- Shamarko Thomas S- I like his hard hitting style. Should be available in the 6th unless teams draft on faceplant potential then he's first round material. Alright everyone hope it was a good read. Let me know what you think!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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