What would make me excited for next year

First post so here goes nothing..

I think the Buffalo Bills are going to have to be fairly aggressive in FA, as their roster just does not compete on either side of the ball right now.

Please note that is more wishful then realistic as I expect this to be a very active free agent market.


  • Brad Smith - If we are expecting to draft a QB then I just don't see Brad Smith fitting in anywhere on our roster. (Cap savings $2.5mm)
Cap space currently projected at $21.2MM Cap space after cutting Smith $2.5 MM Cap space dedicated to rookies $5.1MM

Cap Space available $18.6 Million- Please note this is ballpark and I am not pretending to be a cap expert, I just wanted to give a ballpark idea.

  • Kyle Moore- I think he fits well in Pettine's attack oriented defense as a rush end (Cap Hit $800,000)
  • Leodis Mckelvin - I think Mckelvin is a solid nickel corner and his special teams contributions alone make him worth resigning. Buddy Nix mentioned at the combine they consider him a starter as well. (Cap hit $1.5mm)
Dustin Keller- Adding a play-making, athletic tight end would open up a lot of options for the Bills, Think of a better blocking David Nelson (Cap Hit $3.5mm)

Dashon Goldson- He is going to be expensive but the Bills need to offer Byrd type of money another physical play-maker in the secondary. Teamed up with Byrd and Gilmore will lessen the liability of the other starting corner. I also see this as one of the only ways to contend to Gronkowski and Hernandez . Cap Hit ($6.9mm)

Dannell Ellerbe- Much like they did with Bart Scott, Mike Pettine needs to show up at Ellerbe's door at midnight the day free agency begins, Ellerbe would instantly solidify the middle of the field with his physical play.. His only liability is in pass defense but with Byrd and Goldson behind him there would be a little more flexibility. (Cap Hit 7 million)

NFL Draft
  • First Round- QB- Simply too much of a need. I think Geno goes to the Raiders or Arizona but I wouldn't be upset if we took Barkley or Wilson
  • Second Round- WR I think Justin Hunter is greatly under-appreciated 6-4 and runs a 4.48 yard 40, If he has already been selected Markus Wheaton might be a good choice as well.
  • Third Round LB,WR. or CB- Getting into the third round its hard to know what will actually be there.. As long as we pick with value. This goes for the other rounds as well.
What do you think? Totally Crazy or is this what you hope for as well?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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