How Durst would "fix " the Buffalo Bills

I am trying my hand at "fixing" all 32 teams before this year's NFL draft. Tell me what you think.

I have been somewhat reluctant to take on the Bills for one simple reason, I loved what they did last year, and it didn’t work.

Being a small market team, they probably need to overpay free agents, but instead of overpaying for average players, why not get a dominant pass-rusher like the 6’6 292 DE Mario Williams.

After all, the Bill’s primary goal is to beat the New England Patriots, and the team that specializes in that is the New York Giants, as their pass-rushers harass Tom Brady.

Often FAs are expected to be a savior and inevitably end up disappointing both the fans and coaches, but Buffalo has what I consider a great set of DTs (Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus) that should prevent teams from double-teaming “Super Mario”.

Like the Giants, Buffalo also has invested heavily in the secondary, spending first round picks on CBs Stephon Gilmore and Leodis McKelvin and second high second rounders on FS Jarius Byrd and Aaron Williams.

Unfortunately, only Byrd and Gilmore are starting quality defenders.
I am also a fan of Kelvin Sheppard, as I prefer not to spend first rounders at the LB position, and Sheppard was a 3rd round pick.

What also causes me to pause, is that the Bill’s primary needs are QB, WR, LB, and TE, but this draft is unlikely to produce a pick worthy of the Bills #8 draft choice at any of those positions with the possible exception being QB.

The best case scenario would be for the Bills to trade down, but in a draft where nearly every top-ten team wants to trade down, that seems unlikely.

However, there should be MANY quality WRs, TEs, LBs, and even QBs when the Bills are up again with the 41st pick, but I am in agreement with those who who see new HC Doug Marrone (from Syracuse University) selecting his former QB Ryan Nassib.

First round (#8) Lane Johnson, LT Oklahoma: The Bills could lose their best offensive lineman in FA guard Andrew Levitre, and although this could be seen as negating a great steal in Cordy Glenn, I don’t see it that way.

Although Glenn reportedly did about as well as any rookie LT ever does in the NFL, I still feel his skill-set screams RT more than LT, and by securing the “edges” with two quality OTs, the Bills Oline should be able to overcome the loss of Levitre, should he move on.

Second round (#41) Ryan Nassib, QB Syracuse: In 2012, he led the Big East in pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards, plays, total yards, and total touchdowns. Nassib was not surrounded with much talent, short of LT, and showed he can carry a team in college, but is unlikely to be able to carry an NFL team.

As Doug Farrar summarizes here :I think Nassib has most of the tools required for success at the quarterback position if he’s given what he needs.—nfl.html

Although I foresee several nice LBs here including Florida’s Jon Bostic, the Bill’s (and Nassib) are going to need better talent at the TE and WR position.

Round 3 (#71) Cobi Hamilton WR, Arkansas: Hamilton’s skill set may be similar to Stevie Johnson, but he presents the upgrade needed for an outside WR, and will allow the Bills to occasionally move Johnson to the slot in order to exploit favorable match-ups.

Round 4 Dion Sims TE, Michigan State: Listed at 6’5 and 285, his official combine measurements came in only slightly smaller, Sims is more finesse than one would expect of a man this size, and has difficulty gaining separation but has good hands, and is used to playing in the cold of Michigan.

Round 5 DeVonte Holloman, OLB South Carolina: While many rave about the athleticism of former S turned LB Alex Ogletree, most are underrating another SEC LB with plenty of experience at the safety position. Although not nearly as fast and agile, Holloman has TE coverage skills needed against the Patriots.

Round 6 Alec Lemon, WR Syracuse: I know every year “mockers” think coaches like Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, and Greg Schiano are going to pick a bunch of players from USC, Stanford, and Rutgers, and it never happens, but doesn’t it make sense for a team starting over at WR to give it’s new QB his favorite target from college, especially since he was also one of the coaches favorite players too.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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