What if TJ Graham...

Dear Fellow Buffalo Bills Fans,

As usual, I have stumbled upon my idea for this fanpost in the comments section of the articles written today. I sometimes stumble upon them in the fanposts written by other diehard fans in our community. And sometimes my own crazy ideas spur them. Today's fanpost comes from the acquisition of Kevin Kolb and the impact it has on the draft and the Bills depth chart at the QB position.

In a great breakdown by Jason Pieri, he outlines his favoritism towards Mike Glennon in this years rookie crop of quarterbacks. I agree and not only because I may have alluded to this in a previous fanpost but also because of the impact of having Kolb on the roster. In many experts' eyes, Glennon may need a year to work on developing his game and to add a bit of meat to his lanky frame. Previous to acquiring Kolb, the Bills may have been stuck with a rookie competing with TJax at the games most important position. Not to knock TJax at all, but as you may have seen in the recent AT&T commercial, more is better.

In this case, more quarterbacks competing for the coveted starting QB role is better. Kolb and TJax both presumably want to double their recent contracts and hit their max contract value. A rookie QB is going to come to camp equally as hungry to try and win the starting job out of the gate. Unfortunately (or fortunately) most rookie QB's get a reality check in their first season in the NFL. Being surrounded by 2 veterans is better than being surrounded by 1 for a rookie. He has the opportunity to learn from and pick the brains of 2 QB's rather than 1. Kolb and Tjax also have maybe their last chance to become a proven starting QB in the NFL. This is a win-win-win scenario for the Bills at the QB position.

Furthermore and closer to the point is that this years rookie QB's entering the draft have some part of their game to work on. It's not that this draft class is particularly weak but they all need some time to develop their game. There are no Luck's or RGIII's but that doesn't mean that some QB in this class can't lead their team to a SB title. Enter Mike Glennon.

With the Bills current depth at the QB position, the Bills can now draft a QB with long-term potential. There is probably no QB in this draft that has a higher ceiling than Glennon. Think Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. That is this kids ceiling.

Now, to try and win some of you draft BPA in the 1st round people over...

I think most people here agree that most of these QB's are going to take them a year to develop their game, if they can at all. With the new rookie wage scale and the new CBA, first round draft picks can be under contract for 5 years and 2nd rounders and lower have a max of 4 years. If there is a project at QB, wouldn't you want to have him for an extra year on his rookie contract? I would. It just makes sense to me.

To those of you saying draft a WR in round 1...

What if TJ Graham develops his game to become a player similar to Mike Wallace? Would that lessen the need to draft a WR in round 1 at all? I think it would and I think TJ Graham can become that type of player. While Wallace is about an inch taller than Graham, Graham is faster. I think that extra speed makes up for the inch in height differential. For those of you who laugh at the notion because TJ showed some dropsies in games last season, I say this: If you were TJ and Fitzpatrick consistently could not hit you in stride, when he DID actually hit you in stride, wouldn't you be so shocked that it may cause you to lose your focus on the ball actually being in your hands? I'm not saying this should excuse a professional athlete from making that catch, but I am saying psychologically you might be able to relate.

In their last season together TJ grabbed 7 balls for TD's and had 757 yards receiving. Those numbers, over the course of 13 games are not too shabby. And of course there is this article about our very own TJ Graham:

Bills WR T.J. Graham decided he wanted to go to college wherever Mike Glennon was headed after the two became fast friends at various summer football camps throughout high school. In a recent appearance on the John Murphy Show, Graham relayed a story about what completely had him sold on Glennon as his quarterback.

“Mike Glennon is the reason I went to N.C. State,” said Graham. ”I knew him from 2007 and camps and stuff and I remember telling him I was going wherever he was going. That relationship started because of an overthrown ball.

“In high school I had a problem where nobody could throw me the ball. My junior year in high school I actually played quarterback because no one could throw the ball deep enough to get the ball to me. So what was the point of me being out there? So I decided to throw the ball to them.

“Coming into one camp I was running a route and my coach said, ‘Run a post route.’ And I’m thinking I’m going to run the route as fast as I can. I want to show off. So I ran as fast as I could and Mike overthrew me and I stopped as soon as the ball hit the ground. I looked back at him with wide eyes and an open mouth and I think it was love at first sight after that. He’s got a big arm and being a speed guy you love to see that. It’s something you salivate for.

So, if this production is possible for years to come and become possibly greater than that, wouldn't it make more sense to essentially add a QB-WR proven tandem in round 1 and then add to the mix a "open when covered" WR in round 2 or 3? Especially when this draft has depth at the WR position and only 1 Mike Glennon?


While I know this idea has been tossed around since Graham was selected last year in the third, I think the acquisition of Kolb makes this a more realistic scenario. Glennon does have a risk/high reward value in this draft but with Kolb here it gives us some time to develop Glennon's game. Prior to acquiring Kolb, it was assumed that Tjax would be the only competition for a rookie and led many to think that taking a 'safer' QB prospect was the way to go.

What if....... TJ Graham answered our immediate WR and QB needs when Kolb was acquired ? Some may say that's killing 2 birds with one stone. I am willing to wait, if need be, for Glennon to develop his game for 1 year with the potential that he could develop into a Big Ben, Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco type QB.


As always thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments! I'm gonna add a poll here to see what you fellow Rumblers think .....

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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