Introducing the Buffalo Rumblings Drinking Game!

WARNING: Use Moderation when playing this if you value your liver!

I found myself rather bored today and decided to come up with a new drinking game dedicated to our favorite blog. It's a very simple game that is guaranteed to get you sloppy drunk. You can play this with either shots or bottles of beer. So how does one play this game you ask? Well here's how it works. I'll use shots as the measurement and you can insert whatever you feel like drinking yourself.

Take a shot when:

1. Fernando makes a comment about Vince Young.

2. Someone says a Buddy Nix is old joke.

3. Take 2 shots when Matt posts a link to the ESPN AFC East Blog. (To remove the memory of clicking said link)

4. Someone makes a comment about how bad this QB draft class is.

5. Brian says Buffalo will never draft a guard in the top 10 picks of the draft.

6. Someone makes a claim about other people saying a QB they like is better than all the others then fails to provide a link to said statement.

7. Someone says (insert player here) is a bust before they even take a NFL snap.

8. Someone says we should tank the season to draft Manziel next year.

9. Fitzpatrick is mentioned.

10. A player with a big name and minimal production gets cut and someone says to sign him.

11. Someone brings up how Buffalo drafted TJ Graham over Russel Wilson

12. Someone says to wake Buddy Nix up from his nap.

13. Someone suggests cutting a young player because he's garbage (and cannot possibly get any better)

14. An argument over a draft prospect happens.

15. Someone suggest Buddy Nix be fired for not drafting someone they KNEW would be great in the NFL.

16. Someone complains we haven't signed any significant free agents.

17. Someone gives then opinion then tries to assert it as a "fact".

18. Someone puts TWSS in a comment.

19. Someone posts a mock draft.

20. Someone blows an insignificant event way out of proportion.

21. Someone makes a comment about Marcus Easley.

22. Someone brings up drafting Troupe over Gronkowski.

Well, there's at least 20 shots you could take while reading Rumblings on an average day. So, if you're thirsty feel free to give this game a try. Also, if you have any other suggestions feel free to add them! Let me know what you guys think.

Just thought I'd add a quick edit and say this doesn't have to be an alcohol only game. If some of the younger readers or non-drinkers would like to play just substitute shots of juice or something similar.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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