The worse thing that could happen

Like most Rumblers I've been giving a lot of thought to what might happen come draft weekend. One can't help but notice our seemingly eternal bad luck. In a year where we are finally going to draft a QB, we fall on a year when the crop of QBs is weak and lackluster.

Over the past few months I've pretty much accepted the fact that I can't expect much of my team in 2013. With a new coaching staff, a veteran purge and new systems on both sides of the ball, expecting a winning season would be extremely optimistic bordering on unrealistic.

Looking forward to next years crop of QBs one can't help but think that that QB class will be much better than this year's crop. So for all intents and purposes we could be in a great position again next year to grab one of the top QBs in the draft.

Even though this year's draft seems poor for QBs and the odds that there really is a franchise QB in that lot seem quite slim, we are still lucky in that we can always try again next year. If we are honest with ourselves we can admit that we should be in the top 12 next year as well maybe even higher.

Over the past weeks and months Rumblers have been passionately discussing their hopes for this year's draft selections. We've discussed needs vs BPA, we've discussed trade down options, we've discussed trade up options and we discussed also the option of trading back up from Rd2 back up into Rd1 to get our guy. This is the option that I'd like to discuss this morning because I want everyone to understand the enormous cost of doing such a move. Normally trading back up from Rd2 to Rd1 requires quite a high commitment. Normally it requires the first round for the next year. The last time that the Bills were in that position was in 2004 when they traded backup up to #22 to get JP Losman and in exchange they had to give up their second round pick (43rd overall), fifth round pick (144th overall), and first round pick in 2005 (it's worth mentioning that Aaron Rodgers went #23 in 2005 so yes folks, had we been patient, we could have had Rodgers as our guy today!). Sometimes trades happen with players instead of a first rounder like in 2009 when we parleyed Jason Peters for Eric Wood.

Folks, our team sucks and it has sucked for a very long time. We desperately need to find our Franchise Signal Caller this is something we can ALL agree on. Would I like to find him this year? absolutely. Realistically will we? Probably not. So we need to realize that and we need to understand how valuable that 2014 first rounder is for our team because next year's crop of QBs looks amazing. Ask yourself, if the QB we try to trade back up for wasn't good enough to take at #8, why is he good enough to give up our first rounder pick from next year? A pick in a great QB year, a pick that might be even higher than 8?

I was finished the article and realized something worth nothing... If this is Buddy Nix's final draft, what if he intends to step down? He just might be willing to trade away next year's first rounder this year so that he can go out on a BANG, right? What does he care about next year and beyond, he'll be gone! He's gone on record saying that he won't leave until he gets a QB in here so brace yourself folks!

So in my humble opinion, the worse thing that could happen on Day 1 of the draft is seeing our Beloved Buffalo Bills trade next years hopes for this year's crap. I really hope that Nix does the responsible thing and stays put in Rd2.

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