Our Mock 5.4

With the third round, Bills fans overwhelmingly supported nabbing a wide receiver. With the majority was WR Da’Rick Rogers (who visited the Bills) with 26% of the vote. In second was WR Aaron Dobson with 19% of the vote and in third was WR Ryan Swope 14% of the vote.

Round 1. QB Geno Smith – West Virginia
Round 2. LB Arthur Brown – Kansas State
Round 3. WR D’Rick Rogers – Tennessee State

The Bills still have a number of needs and could double up in a few areas. Other needs that could see competition for starters include TE (due to an injured Chandler), LG (Levitre and Rinehart are both gone), FB, 3-4 OLB (I listed these players below as DE to indicate pass rusher ~ PU), and CB. The Bills could easily seek to add needed depth at linebacker, wide receiver (double up with these positions in the draft), safety and just maybe QB…

An asterisk (*) indicates that player is a junior and I used unofficial 40 times which are the faster recorded times. Information that I have compiled on the 14 players below has come from the following sources: Walter Football, CBS Sports, NFL Draft Scout, Buffalo Bills Draft and CFB Stats.

Go Bills!!



WR Chris Harper – Kansas State [6-1, 234, 4.38]
One of the grittier receivers last year was Harper whose stats were down due to Klein’s running the ball. Harper has good speed especially given his size, notched a 35.5” vertical, a 1.55’ 10 yd. split and 20 reps on the bench at the combine. In 2012, Haprer caught 58 passes for 857 yards (14.8 avg) and 3 TDs; the year earlier he had 40 catches for 547 yards (13.7 avg) and 5 TDs.

TE Nick Kasa – Colorado [6-6, 267, 4.71]
Kasa converted from DE last year, and improved steadily as a TE. In 2012 he notched 25 receptions for 391 yards (15.6 avg) and 3 TDs. He looked really strong at the combine with a fair 40, a 1.63 split and 22 bench reps, but had some of the shorter arms 32.8” and hands of TEs there.

TE Travis Kelce – Cincinnati [6-5, 250, 4.62]
Kelce was not able to fully work out due to an injury, but had a good 40 time, a 35” vertical and decent 33.7” arms and hands. Kelce was a prolific TE this year with 45 catches for 722 yards (16.0 avg) and 8 TDs. The year before he made 13 grabs for 150 yards (11.5 avg) and 2 TDs.

TE Dion Sims – Michigan State [6-5, 262, 4.75]
Sims was thought to be more of a blocking TE given his size, but started the year with a bang as a receiver. This past year he made 36 catches for 475 yards (13.2 avg) and 2 TDs. In 2011 he made 12 catches for 99 yards (8.3 avg) and 3 TDs. Sims lost nearly 20 lbs. for the combine and did well with an OK 40, a 1.60’ split, 26 reps, a 35” vertical and has good 33.2” arms with 10.5” hands.

OL David Quessenberry – San Jose State [6-5, 303, 5.06]
Quessenberry is a jack of all trades, a solid starter over the years and did well at the combine in which posted a good 40, 25 reps on the bench and measured in with good 34.4” arms. His size and ability gives him good versatility on the O-Line.

OL Brian Winters – Kent State [6-4, 320, 5.18]
Winters was injured at the combine which accounted for his 9 reps on the bench, but was solid lineman for Kent State over the years. Given his 32.7” arms, he’d be best at guard which fits the Bills need for an interior lineman that could start.

DE Michael Buchanan – Illinois [6-5, 255, 4.71]
Buchanan struggled after becoming the Illini’s #1 pass rusher. At combine he had a fair outing with an OK 40, a 1.59’ 10 yard split and 22 reps on the bench. In 2012 he recorded 57 tackles (7 for loss), 4.5 sacks, 5 hurries and 5 passes broken up. The year before he made 64 tackles (13.5 for loss), 7.5 sacks and 4 hurries.

DE Chase Thomas – Stanford [6-3, 243, 4.80]
Thomas is a pass rusher best suited as a 3-4 OLB and despite elite speed, gets consistent pressure. At the combine he had a 1.64’ split and 21 reps on the bench. This year Thomas made 71 tackles (15.5 for loss), 7.5 sacks, 5 hurries and 4 passes broken up. In 2011 he had 52 tackles (17.5 for loss), 8.5 sacks, 4 hurries and 5 forced fumbles.

DE Trevardo Williams – Connecticut [6-1, 241, 4.57]
In 2012 Williams made 42 tackles (13.5 for loss), 11.5 sacks and 3 hurries; in 2011 he made 43 tackles (15 for loss), 12.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Williams is a great pass rusher, but given his size should be an ideal 3-4 OLB. He showed great speed, had a 1.61’ split, 30 reps on the bench and a 38” vertical.

LB Jelani Jenkins – Florida [6-1, 243, 4.65]
Jenkins is a name that may draw interest given his success at Florida. He was injured throughout 2012 so he just managed 29 tackles (5 for loss), 2 sacks and 2 hurries. However, the year before he had 75 tackles (6 for loss), 2 sacks, 3 hurries and 6 passes broken up. At his pro day he notched a 1.61’ split, a 27 reps and 35.5” vertical jump.

LB Sean Porter – Texas A&M [6-1, 230, 4.63]
Porter had a quiet year switching to a 4-3 OLB, but in a 3-4 system did a lot better. In 2012 Porter made 55 tackles (6.5 for loss), 3.5 sacks, 3 hurries and 4 passes broken up; the year before he made 75 tackles (6 for loss), 9.5 sacks and 6 hurries. Porter improved his 40 yard dash by a whole .15’ from the combine, had a 1.63’ split, 22 reps on the bench and a 35” vertical.

SS Shamarko Thomas – Syracuse [5-9, 214, 4.38]

Though undersized and needing working on pass coverage, Thomas really elevated his stock at the combine with a 1.50’ split, 40.5” vertical, 28 reps on the bench press and a great 40. In 2012 he made 85 tackles (3.5 for loss), 2 picks and 3 FFs; in 2011 he made 67 tackles (3 for loss) and 3 hurries.

CB Will Davis – Utah State [5-11, 186, 4.51]
Davis had a dynamic senior year which could elevate him into a late day 2 consideration. In 2012 he made 64 tackles (4.5 for loss), 3 hurries, 3 interceptions and 17 passes broken up. A year earlier he made 35 tackles (3.5 for loss) and 6 passes defended. At the combine he had a 1.56’ split, 16 bench reps and a 36” vertical.

CB Terry Hawthorne – Illinois [6-1, 195, 4.40]
Again like most of the Illini, Hawthorne had a lackluster senior year posting 44 tackles (4 for loss), 6 passes defended and 1 pick. A year earlier he did better with 60 tackles (5 for loss), 8 passes broken up and 3 picks. He regained some stock at the combine with a good 40, a 1.51’ split, 13 reps and a 35.5” vertical.

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