Midnight Joe! Playmakers

Good evening Rumblers,

Yea I know, "long-time-no-see". I know I promised more Joe's, but the site is as active as its ever been and there hasn't been much of a need for Morning Joe's.....soooooo I just decided to sit back in just observe. This post is going to be sort of therapeutic for me.

As some of you may know; I'm not in to mocks and all that sort of stuff. I don't watch nowhere near as much college football to say anything intelligently, so I rather just shut my mouth and let some of you experts provide the mocks. However, I finally have an opinion on a) who I think we will draft and b) who I think we should draft. I'm only looking at the first two picks, because I feel anything after that is pretty much a crap shoot.

So what do we know? We know that we have holes all over this team. We know that on Defense, we are in desperate need of "playmakers". We currently have one in the secondary (Byrd) and one on the defensive line (K. Williams). We also know that we will be playing a hybrid defense, which means we need a pass rushing LB to pair up with Bradham, Sheppard, and Lawson. Marrone (the coach of few words) stated that he currently sees Bradham as a WLB that will kick inside at MLB when we go to our 3-4 defense.

Aaron Williams is now playing safety, which mean we now have a need at CB that will be responsible for cover TE's and slot WR's. We are now in need of a corner back that can be a "playmaker". A guy that can force fumbles, make plays on the ball, and can be a guy that can play in the box.

Now let me ask you all a question. Who would you say is the best playmaker at rush LB and at CB? A team that is starved for playmakers, should be in line to draft playmakers, no? In the defense that we would be running, we need guys that are instinctual and interchangeable.

Okay, so I know there are naysayers out there itching to poke holes in this theory. But before you do so, just consider value and player availability. If we look at other holes on this team, there is no QB or WR in this draft that is worthy of a top 10 pick. G is an option, but who the heck is drafting a guard in the top 10...oh yea TE Eifert is not a top 10 pick. Our "big" WR can be had in the 3rd with a guy like Dobson from Marshall, and our QB can be had in the 4th with a guy like Bray or perhaps Landry Jones.

So back to my original question. Who are the biggest playmakers at rush LB and CB in this draft? Which two defensive players that can come in and start day 1, that are proven, and can immediately be an impact to this defense?

With the first pick the Bills draft OLB Jarvis Jones. With the second pick the Bills draft CB Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger). Just really think about it. They come from the big conference that Nix likes, they have been productive, and they will provide great value at the positions that they will be drafted at. Jones a top 5 pick slips to 8, because of bad combine numbers and a mysterious disease. Mathieu; a heisman runner up and the top defensive player a year ago.

Alright have at it, let me hear it :-)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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