My Draft Day Scenario Through rd 3

Ok. Here's what I'd do in the draft: Trade down; and trade back up:

1. Trade down

- Contact the rams who have two 1st rd picks (#16, #22). With them losing Amendola to the Patriots in FA they are in desperate need to replace him with another dynamic slot WR. That guy is Tavon Austin, WV. He's a top 10 pick and won't last to #16 but will be there at #8. We move down to 16 and get their 2nd rd pick as well #46.

#16 - Kevin Minter LB, LSU

People would argue saying we need a top flight pass rushing LB, but if you watched the video on yesterday showing practice highlights, on defense Pettine had Mario standing up rushing the passer on both sides of the line. It's fair to assume he and Mark Anderson will be heavily utilized as our PR LB's. Mario even said Pettine's defense is so multiple that at times he doesn't even know what position he's playing. With Minter playing the Mike our LB's would be drastically improved:

(from left to right)

Manny Lawson, Nigel Bradham, Kevin Minter, Mario Williams

2. Trade back up

- Now we have pick #41 and 46. Target: EJ Manuel

(Philly also targeting Manuel. They have pick #35). SanFran has picks 33 in the 2nd and 31 in first. I'd inquire about their pick #33 and 31, but that may be too close for Philly to jump us to get Manuel. (Look for Chip Kelly to make a big splash in his first yr.) So, what I would end up doing is look higher in the first. Minnesota has 2 first rd picks also (#23, #25). No way they keep both. I'd call them to see about trading up for their 25th pick to put us in a comfortable position. If they accept, then we would probably have to give them our 41st pick and possibly a late pick next yr. It would be worth it. That's where I'd go for our QB.

#25 - EJ Manuel QB, FSU

We'd still have pick #46 in the 2nd rd from the Rams to go WR since its a deep class.

1st rd

#16 - Kevin Minter, LB

#25 - EJ Manuel, QB

2nd rd

#46 - DeAndre Hopkins, WR Clemson (Hunter would be my first choice, but I don't expect him to last that long)

DeAndre may not be a burner, but is there really that much difference between a 4.4 and a 4.5 40? I think not. He as all the tools. He has a large frame (6'1" 215), runs great routes, and knows how to use his body and hands to high point the ball. Anquan Boldin isn't a burner either but without him, the Ravens don't win that SuperBowl. I'm not saying Hopkins is at the level of Boldin yet - obviously - but he has the potential and ability to be that type of playmaker for us.

Then, in rd 3 I would target my TE: Vance McDonald

Here's what our first 3 picks would look like:

rd 1

#16 - Kevin Minter, LB

#25 - EJ Manuel, QB

rd 2

# 46 - DeAndre Hopkins, WR

rd 3

#71 - Vance McDonald, TE

There. I'm done. Lol

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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