What Deal Do You Think Nix Would Take?

The first round of the draft is a mere 6 days away! Rumors have been flying and there are indications that several teams are interested in moving up the board, possibly into the top 10. Chris Brown over at thinks the Bills "would be very interested in trading down". For the purpose of this fanpost, look over the following options and vote for the course you believe Buddy Nix is going to take.

  1. No deal: Nix has spoken in the past about how he believed in taking a player that he wanted if he was available instead of trading down and attempting to get a happy merger between need and value. Nix hasn't traded down in the first round in his three years at GM. He has instead gone with what he sees as BPA, regardless of need. Regardless of need, Spiller, Dareus and Gilmore were all expected to come off the board about where the Bills picked them-no reaches. He has said that QB is the exception to his draft ‘rules', which, when combined with his declaration that he believes in taking a player he wants if he is available, could mean that Buffalo will sit tight on Thursday night and make a selection.
  2. Tampa: The wheels seem to have come off of the Revis trade train. Tampa would need to give up #13, #73 and 5th rounder to meet the chart value of #8. This trade makes the most sense for Tampa if their top rated CB is on the board after the seventh pick. It may make sense to Nix in that it gives Buffalo two more selections while only giving up 5 slots.
  3. St Louis 1: This is a straight #16 and #46 for #8, most likely for a WR. It's a shade over the value of #8 and would get Buffalo a second rounder for moving back 8 slots. If a QB is the target in the first then this trade could make sense to Nix.
  4. St Louis 2: This involves #22, #46 and #78 for #8. This trade requires Buffalo to drop 14 slots and possibly into the part of the first round where QB needy teams might be inclined to trade up from the second to get ahead of Buffalo. It involves more reward but also more risk.
  5. Minny: The Vikings reportedly want to move up to get a WR, with the possibility of igniting a bidding war with St Louis. The Vikings are reportedly set on keeping one of their first round picks. The only way they can afford to do that and get to 8 is to use #23 and their 2nd and 3rd and 4th. At some point you'd figure that they'd decide to burn #23 and #25 and keep those other picks. I suspect they'd want Buffalo's 4th or 5th in change, which they wouldn't get if there was a bidding war with St Louis. Of course, they could also ship those two first rounders to Arizona and get to #7. Dropping all the way into the 20s would force Nix to think about moving up into the late teens to ensure no QB needy team leapfrogged Buffalo.
  6. Atlanta: Atlanta would have to use their 1st and 2nd rounders plus their 2014 1st to get up to 8. Nix would have to do more than just think about moving up if he had a QB in mind-it wouldn't cost teams at the top of the 2nd very much at all to get to 29, right in front of Buffalo at 30.
  7. San Fran: The 49ers could ship Buffalo their first and both seconds for 8. As with the Falcons the Bills would need to move up from 31 to ensure they got the QB Nix wanted, perhaps far enough to burn Buffalo's 3rd round selection.

Of these seven possible courses, which do you see Buddy Nix taking?

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