Revis Deal Implications For Buffalo

The Revis trade looks like it will go through.

It's unknown what the Buccaneers would give up for Revis if a trade is indeed finalized, but Tampa Bay's first-rounder (No. 13) has been speculated to be in play ever since the Bucs became the clear top suitor for the star cornerback.

Also, the Buccaneers and Revis have reached "basic" agreement on a contract if he joins Tampa, Cole reported. The 27-year-old Revis is entering the final year of his current deal.

In an important procedural step, Revis will travel to Tampa to take a physical with the Buccaneers on Sunday, ESPN New York's Rich Cimini reported Sunday.

So what does this deal mean for Buffalo?

Tampa is obviously out of the mix for a trade up to #8. Even if they retain all of their other 2013 picks (unlikely), they don't have the juice to move into the early part of the first round. Barring a serious issue with Revis' knee - which isn't likely given the progress that he's been reportedly making - Tampa is done for the first round. Our dreams of a fairly modest trade down scenario have been demolished.

New Jersey is suddenly in the market for a corner. The Jets will have the motivation and muscle to move up the board to secure the services of Milliner if they think that he's clearly superior to Rhodes and Trufant. If not, they can sit tight at 8 and take whichever CB falls to them. They could trade up from 13 (using the other picks from the Revis deal) to 6 or 7 and get Milliner and then pick up Vacarro at 9. Other considerations, given the type of defense that Ryan likes to run, would have to be Jordan and Jones. While many believe that the Jets will take a first round QB, Ryan's tenuous job status makes that at least a little less likely. After all, a new coach is going to want his own QB. Still, Mark Sanchez is dreadful so New Jersey could go CB/QB or QB/CB with their top two picks. They've already got a read-option QB on the roster (Tebow) and didn't use him so they might not really want a guy like Manuel or Smith. After the Sanchez Experience they might shy away from USC products (Barkley). Nassib is the only QB I can see New Jersey taking in the first but think it more likely they'd add a QB in the second. If New Jersey doesn't use both first rounders on defenders the other option would be Warmack at 13. Ryan does like to pound the ball and he was able to reach the conference championship game twice by running over defenses, thus masking Sanchez's limitations.I'm going to guess their picks come down to Milliner//Rhodes/Vacarro + Jones/Warmack.

Unless Buffalo really has Nassib pegged as the QB of the future, Nix can trade down. I don't know that he'd be willing to go much farther than 16, unless the plan was to move back up from the 22-30 range. It would be a bit out of character for Nix to move down but then it's been out of character for him to say that he's open to moving down. Moving back up is something he's tried to do before so we know he has that in him.

In some order then, the top 9 picks are likely to include at least 1 CB (Milliner), 3 OTs (Joeckel, Fisher, Johnson), 2 DE/OLB (Jordan, Ansah), and 1 DTs (Floyd). That leaves a pair of other prospects for the top 9, quite possibly to include two of: WR Austin, QB Geno Smith, DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo, OLB Jarvis Jones, and CB Rhodes.

I don't think that St Louis and Minny had to worry about the Jets or Bucs taking Tavon Austin. Tampa needed CB help in the worst way and the Jets were more likely to use their only first rounder on a versatile defender. With two first rounders, the Jets are a threat to take Austin (along with a CB). 3 WR sets (Holmes, Hill, Austin) would prevent defenses from loading the box to stop the run. Minny and St Louis - who didn't have to worry about the Bills taking Austin but did have to worry about Buffalo trading back and letting someone else take Austin - now have to worry as well about him winding up in New Jersey. Buffalo might be able to squeeze a bit more out of one of those teams. Minny, for example, was reportedly not willing to trade away both of their first rounders....but now they may need to if they want to replace the departed Percy Harvin. I still don't see St Louis trading away both of their first rounders and even if they did I'd expect that they'd want Buffalo's 2nd in a deal which shipped the Bills 16, 22, and 78. I instead see something along the lines of 16, 46 and perhaps a 7th.

The bottom line appears to be that the Bills will have suitors for the eighth pick in the draft. Now will Nix take advantage?

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