Zen's Zany Mock ( Only 1 Version )

Dear Fellow Buffalo Bills Fans,

For the first time in a lifetime I'm gonna mock some players to the Bills that I hope they draft. I'm avoiding all trades as I don't sit in the war room with Nix and company nor do I know anyone in the inner circles of the NFL draft. I'm going to select who I want the Bills to draft and not who I think they will select. Also, reach is not a word in my drafting lexicon and I think all of the players I want will be on the clock for the Bills in the rounds these players are chosen.

My theme and Marrone's mantra: Multiple.

1. Following Buddy's thoughts on first round selections and straying from my often stated desire of selecting a QB at 8 this year, I'm going out on a limb a bit. He's quick, fast, elusive and can score anytime he touches the ball. He can be a running back and a receiver. He's multiple. Nix loves size and speed and even though he is small, he is strong. AND 4.34 Fast. Nix has drafted C.J. Spiller(4.28), TJ Graham (4.35) and Marcus Easley(4.46) on offense and Austin fits right in there with them. A lot of people worry about his size in the NFL but this guy has never been injured, never missed even a practice due to injury. He's elusive and gives our offense another amazing weapon. A Percy Harvin type athlete without the headaches.

2. I'm high on Nassib and would love the Bills to trade back into the first to get him or maybe they would get lucky and he slides to us in the second as Cordy Glenn did last year. In either case, I don't have the luxury of knowing how the draft will shake out and I am intrigued by what this next player can do regardless. Marrone and Hackett did a wonderful job coaching up Nassib and making him the prospect he is today. They like to run the read-option at times and Nassib limits them a bit with his mediocre speed. On top of that, I am sticking to multiple. He can run (506 yards and 6 TDs) and throw (3620 yards, 27 TDs and 60.3 comp.%). Scott is raw and will most likely need a year or so to develop his game. I trust Hackett to be the guy to coach him up. His college coach had this to say,

"This guy can make every throw you want to make," Rodriguez said. "He’s as good a thrower as I’ve coached or competed against, and I’ve competed against a lot of good ones and coached a lot of good ones."

In case you are curious here are some of those QB's he is talking about: McNabb, Vick and Matt Barkley. Scott is drawing comparisons to Russell Wilson and to a lesser extent Colin Kaepernick. I know most project Scott in rounds 4-7 but I think he will probably go in the third. Since Nix has said you gotta draft a QB a round earlier than you think they should go, he lands here with me and I will have no regrets at all.

3. Moving on and continuing a couple of trends. Multiple. A WR, TE, RB who also played some QB. Runs very elusively with great balance and good hands. Another mismatch for defenses as he can line up all over the field and can make plays when the ball is in his hands. Durability is a concern as are some character complaints but I think Marrone will be running a very tight ship and the locker room is full of great character already. At 6'2 236 lbs he still has some filling out to do but runs a pretty fast 4.72 forty. Continuing on the Reed namesake he can be our Aaron Hernandez type player.

4. This one is a little bit of a bias but he fits into my theme of Multiple. A QB in high school and a TE turned LT in college, this player screams versatility. He projects to Guard in the NFL and could definitely play Center if need be. You can't spell C.J. Spiller without a J and a C. At 6'4 307 Tretter too has some filling out to do and may need some time to develop his game at the next level but he is a baller and smart in the classroom. Who doesn't love a hometown hero?

5. This pick goes out to DanRoc who introduced us all to this player here. All I can say on top of that is can you imagine Johnson pounding away MJD style with Spiller coming in and passing by all those players who are quote un-quote winded? I can and I like that image. A LOT.

6. This pick goes out to boomsauce. A big WR who catches most anything in his radius. Darrin Moore at 6 foot four. Could you imagine this guy down field either making plays with the ball or being a great blocker for Austin or Spiller ?


Yep, as you can see, I went Offensive! I think our D is young and improving and will impress a lot of the naysayers out there this year. A good offense goes a long way in helping a defense. They can keep defenders rested and as you may have noticed that when we were playing with the lead last year (which wasn't much) we looked much different. Our pass rushers can do their job and our improving secondary can do theirs. I would have liked to select a LB and a CB for sure but this isn't the year for that. We need our rookie QB to come into a system that is well oiled and ready to go when he is. I trust that Nix would find some UDFAs that are diamonds in the rough and we can go defense next year.


As always thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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