A bit too much fuss about taking a QB at #8...

I really have to wonder, why is there so much fuss over taking a QB with the 8th pick? Yes, Buddy is on the record stating that there is "definitely" 2-3 franchise guys available in this draft, but I think everyone's insistence on picking one of those guys with the 8th pick rather than trading down to pick up a few valuable starters and taking a chance either in the 2nd or 3rd round on a QB such as Landry Jones. Though Buddy did state he felt there were 2-3 "franchise" guys available, the general consensus has been that this draft significantly lacks any "surefire" talent at the top such as Andrew Luck or RGIII, but at the same time there is a bit of depth in that there are quite a few QBs that could surprise based on their draft position.

I am just not a fan of being forced to take a player because the fans are desperate for a change. We are all long-suffering Bills fans, but I just don't like the great potential for us to get an average or above-average guy then end up a fledgling (perhaps playoff-quality) team with no real hope of ever winning it all. I guess it's unrealistic, but I'd rather us plug as many holes as possible this year and really go after a top talent next year. I prefer taking a guy like Landry Jones in the third or something so if he doesn't work out it won't hurt the team as much as missing on a first round guy. I don't want the team to be hamstrung for two or more years because they want to give their first round pick this year more time if he isn't a stud right away.

My ideal scenario: Trade back in the first round, perhaps with the 49ers, Rams, Vikings, or Falcons.

Desired first round players:

Dee Milliner, Lane Johnson, Tyler Eifert, DJ Hayden, Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper.

If Lane Johnson is available, we should scoop him up in a heartbeat. Otherwise, I feel we can wait on any other available players at this spot or at least they aren't so much better than the next best guys that we could get later. I would also love for the team to take a DB in the first round. Not really a big fan of Vaccaro, and with Aaron Williams moving to safety I don't feel it's even a valuable position to pick up. I don't see any reasoning that it would be a "waste" to potentially lock down the CB position on both sides with a solid pickup in the draft.

If we are able to trade back to 16 or 22/23, we should have a good chance at Eifert, Hayden, Warmack or Cooper. I am not really a fan of trading deep into the first, but I honestly think we could make rich by trading with San Francisco. They can't even really keep more than 5 or 6 guys they draft this year as it is, and they have a myriad of picks they could give us to move up. We would really miss out on the top quality players available at #8, but the depth of this year's class makes that an easier pill to swallow. We should also still be able to pick up a quality guy at QB either at the end of the first round or later (again, I am a fan of Jones in the 3rd or so but would scoop up Nassib or Barkley in a heartbeat if they fell to the end of the 1st). The 2nd-4th rounds are deep enough to fill our needs at WR, LB, OL, and CB if we can simply get enough picks to fill them. Trading back also allows us to take the chance the QB we desire will fall and if not, we still have the opportunity to get a quality talent like Jones or take a chance at someone like EJ Manuel or Glennon.

This is just my view on things, I think Buddy tends to be a bit transparent but I feel this year is the perfect situation for trading down and taking advantage of the depth this year's class has to offer. I don't think any QB is really strong enough to take a huge shot at number 8 when we could load up on more talent at the many positions of need. This is the year to really get the team prepared for the future.

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