Desired first picks for the draft

After bringing up why I feel the Bills should trade back in the first to get another pick before grabbing their QB, I felt I should at least post my desired players for the team based on the idea of BPA and team needs. I strongly believe the team should try to trade with either St. Louis or Minnesota before making their pick. Assuming no trade occurs, this is my sort of "Power Rankings" for the 8th pick (being realistic with who will be available, of course):
Lane Johnson
Dee Milliner
Tyler Eifert
DJ Hayden
Ryan Nassib
Tavon Austin

I am not huge on Nassib at this spot, but he is probably the best QB option and if the team cant trade back and Geno Smith has been taken then they may have no choice if they want him. I do like Nassib for buffalo much more than Smith even, but Smith being off the board opens up the potential for a run at the position by teams such as NYJ, Cleveland, Oakland, and Jacksonville or even Philly. However, I think Smith being untouched will leave Buffalo with many more options if they decide to slide back or simply wait. I strongly believe in locking down the secondary if we can, but my ideal scenario is to focus on the offense with this draft. If we have the chance to take Johnson, I say we take him immediately and give our run game and any QB we have the best chance possible to succeed. For the second round, I would like to see any of the following:
Ryan Nassib
DeAndre Hopkins
DJ Fluker
Keenan Allen
Darius Slay
Robert Woods
Zack Ertz

I strongly suspect that Hopkins, Patterson, and Hunter will be gone by round two, but I feel Hopkins has the best chance of remaining. I am a huge fan of Keenan Allen despite his injury and pedestrian 40 time because I do believe he is the type of receiver the team needs; a guy who is open even when he isn't. He may not be flashy, but considering the speed everywhere else he may be the perfect fit for our roster. Robert Woods is an exceptional talent much like Allen that could slide into the second perfectly because he isn't quite as physically dominating as a few other guys. Nassib likely will not fall here, which is why I would rather see a trade back in the first to grab him instead. If for some reason our top targets at QB are gone and we haven't grabbed one, we need to make a move for Landry Jones in the mid second round. I definitely feel the focus this year needs to be on offense, even if I am not dead set on QB with number 8. I would love to see some sort of action where the team can trade for a number one pick next year (especially if it is from a shitty team) to try and make a run for a guy like Clowney (not really "like" Clowney, but more "if we are set at QB we need to mortgage the farm to get Clowney next year) in next season's draft, but that is all on the side from my desired picks for this year. I do believe that the talent is there on defense, and we are a strong OLB/DE away from really being a top level team on defense next season. That said, this draft is ideal to prepare the offense and surround whoever plays QB with as much talent as possible. A run on offense that includes our QB this year could set us up to go all in for a top flight DE next season, while a run on offense without a QB allows us to go after a true QB next season to finish the rebuild off.
Again, we have talent on defense and I feel last season the team was more hurt by wanndstedt's poor playcalling as much as anything else. Nigel Bradham has shown a ton of promise, the defensive line is almost fully set, and the secondary is good (though a true corner opposite Gilmore would be the cherry on top, so to speak). The offense is where we really need help, and I feel going after the offensive line and getting a strong receiver for depth would go a long way to making this team successful, whether we draft a QB or not. People can hate, but Buddy Nix has done a very good job finding talent in the draft so far and I really believe the team is poised to succeed with the right coaching and playmakers on offense.
What do you guys think? Does anyone else feel we should give our young guys at defense a change to develop and really just go after the offense this year? I know the draft is deep, and I feel this coaching staff will actually make a pretty big difference on both sides of the ball. However, our needs on offense are numerous (particularly TE and WR), and this year I'd a good chance to address the offense and give the team a chance going forward.
My ideal is to somehow get both picks from the Vikings and grab both our QB and a receiver to go with him in the 20s. We could then use our 2nd round pick to address CB or OT, and use the later picks addressing other concerns (safety, guard, TE).

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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