My Mock Draft

With the Draft Starting today (yeah) I am going do my own Mock Draft. I will not include any Trades in the Draft as no one really knows for sure but I do expect a lot of them. This will be strait based on what I would do as GM for each team. I have no idea if it is what they will do.

1 - Kansas City - Luke Joeckel - OT - The only other option I could see here would be Eric Fisher. They have offensive weapons but need to make sure new QB Alex Smith says on his feet and Charles has room to run.

2 - Jacksonville - Dion Jordon - OLD/De - Jacksonville has lots of needs but new coach and new GM will want to get to the QB most of all, they were the only team to get a new head coach from the defensive side of the ball

3 - Oakland - Sharrif Floyd - DT - They need help everywhere

4 - Philadelphia - Eric Fisher - OT - New coach will be very up tempo and will need to make sure his QB is upright.

5 - Detroit - Dee Milliner - CB - many say too high for this player. I say Detroit knows that it has a need to fix the secondary and Milliner is a starter from day 1.

6 - Cleveland - Geno Smith - QB - New Coaches, New GM, mean new QB. I don't think they will want to wait until round 2 but I do think they will want to trade down.

7 - Arizona - Chance Womack - OG - They need Line help and at this point the guard is better than the tackle.

8 - Buffalo - what to say so many needs, so many players, I personally would go with Jarvis Jones, but this is Buffalo and for some reason I am hearing the name MATT BARKLEY - QB

9 - New York Jets - Jarvis Jones - OLB - I just don't see him falling too far in this draft.

10 - Tennessee - Johnathan Cooper - OG - They want to make sure the running lanes are open for CJ2K

11 - San Diego - Lane Johnson - OT - heck they may trade up for this guy.

12 - Miami - Barktavious Mingo - OLB - They will want to make sure they get a rush guy

13 - New York Jets - Tavon Austin - WR - They want a Play maker on offense

14 - Carolina - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR - Steve Smith is not getting any younger.

15 - New Orleans - Xavier Rhodes - CB - They have to improve on D and this is guy is a cover corner

16 - Saint Louis - Justin Hunter - WR - Sam Bradford must have someone, anyone to throw the ball too.

17 - Pittsburgh - Ezekiel Ansah - DE/OLB - Typical great value pick. I almost put him with Miami.

18 - Dallas - D.J. Fluker - OT - what can I say they need line help.

19 - New York Giants - Star Lotulelei - NT - they like d linemen.

20 - Chicago - Alex Ogletree - MLB - Kids is a player and will be the next great MLB for Da' Bears.

21 - Cincinnati - Kenny Vacaro - S - probably the biggest need they have is filled with the best player at that position.

22 - St. Louis - Keenan Allen - WR - did I mention that they need someone to catch passes from Sam Bradford?

23 - Minnesota - DeAndre Hopkins - WR - The only team that needs WR help more than the Rams

24 - Indianapolis - Jesse Williams - NT - Big body for the middle of the defense that needs help

25 - Minnesota - Manti Te'o - LB - they need it, he is local, and they will take the the media that will come with the pick.

26 - Green Bay - Tyler Eifert - TE - why not make Aaron Rodgers happy

27 - Houston - Robert Woods - WR - they need someone not named Andre Johnson

28 - Denver - Sheldon Richardson - DT - New defensive coordinator Jack DelRio likes big linemen

29 - New England - Tank Carradine - DE - this is the kind of high risk/high reward that New England loves to do in the draft.

30 - Atlanta - Desmond Trufant - CB - this is a must pick the the boys from the ATL.

31 - San Francisco - Matt Elam - S - I think they want an upgrade at safety.

32 - Baltimore - Bjoern Werner - DE - high engery guy that Baltimore likes on Defense more than makes up for the loss of Paul Kruger.

That is my first round. Somewhat surprised myself on the number of wide receivers but the need was there.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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