Our Mock - Round 2

Congratulations Bills fans! 35% of you said the Bills will/should grab a QB pick with their first round pick and that is what they did. Of course, no one thought Buddy Nix would go through with trading back; and only 4% thought we’d pick E.J. Manuel (17% favored Nassib and 14% for Barkley)! For my take on this pick (don’t hate it, don’t love it) check out the link here! Ultimately, with Kolb in the mix, QB E.J. Manuel isn’t required to start which will give Marrone time to fine-tune his game.

ROUND 1. QB E.J. Manuel – Florida State [6-5, 237, 4.59] - 4%

Odds are great that the Bills will not grab back to back QBs, so I'll be taking this option off the table for a while. However thanks to trading back, the Bills have TWO second round picks grouped close together to satisfy their other needs. These needs include WR, TE, LG, DE (pass rusher), LB, CB and Safety.

Information that I have compiled on the 15 players below has come from the following sources: Walter Football, CBS Sports, NFL Draft Scout, Buffalo Bills Draft and CFB Stats. (Note: An asterisk [*] indicates that player is a junior) Given the two picks, we’ll take the two majority vote players as winners. I’ll also do my best to take off names on the poll if they get selected ahead of the Bills’ picks.

Go Bills!! (NOTE: poll below is not working so use the comment section!!)



WR Keenan Allen* – California [6-2, 206, 4.58]
Allen’s injury hurt his ability to fully work out for teams this spring which contributed to his fall to the second round. If he can recover from his knee injury fully he is considered one of the best receivers in the draft this year. Tall, with fair speed and massive 10.1” hands, Keenan caught 61 passes for 737 yards (12.1 avg) and 6 TDs in 2012, and caught a more impressive 98 passes for 1,343 yards (13.7 avg) and 6 TDs the year before.

WR Justin Hunter* – Tennessee [6-4, 196, 4.36]
Hunter slowly recovered from a knee injury from last year, but was able to improve consistently through the combine. He has the measurements the Bills are looking for, had a good 40, a 1.56’ split and a 40.5” vertical. In 2012 he notched 73 receptions for 1,083 yards (14.8 avg) and 9 TDs. Playing just three games in 2011 due to an injury, he caught 17 passes for 314 yards (18.5 avg) and 2 TDs.

WR Quinton Patton – Louisiana Tech [6-0, 204, 4.48]
Patton could be a starting option having two strong seasons; in 2012 he had 104 receptions for 1,392 yards (13.4 avg) and 13 TDs, while in 2011 he recorded 78 catches for 1,202 yards (15.4 avg) and 11 TDs. Patton had a fair combine and a better pro day outing with a 37” vertical, 1.56’ 10 yard split and has fair 9.2” hands, but had just 8 bench reps.

WR Robert Woods* – USC [6-1, 201, 4.42]
Woods stock fell after a disappointing season (partially due to an ankle injury), but rebounded with a strong combine. With average height, 9.3” hands and 33.5” vertical, Woods biggest attribute is his speed (he had a 1.61’ split). In 2012 he recorded 76 catches for 846 yards (11.1 avg) and 11 TDs; in 2011 he made 111 receptions for 1,292 yards (11.6 avg) and 15 TDs.

TE Zach Ertz* – Stanford [6-5, 249, 4.67]
With Chandler injured, the Bills may need a starting tight end. Ertz emerged as a major pass threat in 2012 with 69 receptions for 898 yards (13.0 avg) and 6 TDs. In 2011 Ertz made 27 catches for 346 yards (12.8 avg) and 4 TDs. While Ertz had a decent combine with 24 reps, notched a 35.5” vertical and had a good 1.63’ split, he had smaller arms at only 31.7” which could impact his blocking.

OG Larry Warford – Kentucky [6-3, 332, 5.05]
The Bills need a left guard since Levitre left. Warford did a decent job blocking and has been fairly durable with 37 consecutive starts. With 33.2” arms, Warford had great positional drills at the combine and shown with 28 reps on the bench, but displayed slow speed with a 1.85’ 10 yard split.

DE Tank Carradine – Florida State [6-4, 276, 4.90]
Carradine was unable to fully workout given a late season knee injury, but between exploding on the scene and notching 32 reps at his pro-day, seems destined for a day 2 pick. In 2012 he notched 80 tackles (13 for loss), 11 sacks and 9 hurries. As a backup the year before, he made 38 tackles (8 for loss) and 5.5 sacks.

DE Jamie Collins – Southern Miss [6-4, 250, 4.59]
Collins has been rising on the draft boards given his skill sets as a pass rusher and his ability to drop back into coverage. At the combine he was phenomenal with a 1.58’ split, 19 bench reps and a 41.5” vertical. In 2012 he made 92 tackles (20 for loss), 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 5 passes broken up. In 2011 he recorded 98 tackles (19.5 for loss), 6.5 sacks, 8 hurries, a pick and 8 passes defended.

LB Arthur Brown – Kansas State [6-1, 241, 4.67]
The Bills have no 3 down LBs on the inside having released Nick Barnett and may look to upgrade the inside Mike or Will LB spots. Brown has gotten a lot of recognition for his speed and ability this past year and has gained weight for the NFL. At his pro day, he put up a strong 40 time, a 1.61’ split and 21 reps on the bench with a 32.5” vertical. In 2012 he notched 100 tackles (7 for loss), 4 passes broken up and 2 picks. In 2011 he made 101 tackles (9.5 for loss), 2 sacks and 2 passes defended.

LB Kevin Minter* – LSU [6-0, 246, 4.67]
Minter showed up slightly undersized, but had a good pro-day with 25 reps on the bench press and 1.60’ 10 yard split and a 34.5” vertical. In 2012 he made 130 tackles (15 for loss), 4 sacks, 4 hurries and 5 passes broken up. In 2011 he made 61 tackles (3.5 for loss) and 1 sack.

LB Manti Te’o – Notre Dame [6-1, 241, 4.75]
Te’o has taken a lot of heat from the “fake” girlfriend controversy, but what hurt his stock was a poor showing at the combine, although he did do better at his pro-day and benched 21 reps, had a 33” vertical and ran a 1.63’ 10 yard split. Te’o has a lot of success in the past recording 113 tackles (5.5 for loss), 4 hurries, 4 passes defended and 7 picks in 2012. The year before, he made 128 tackles (13.5 for loss), 5 sacks and 4 hurries.

SS Jonathan Cyprien – Florida International [6-0, 217, 4.64]
Given concerns of Byrd’s tenure with the Bills, they may opt to nab a first round talent safety. Cyprien had a solid season as a strong safety and while he had a slow 40, notched a 1.52’ split at his pro day while posting 18 reps and had a 38.5” vertical. Cyprien made 93 tackles (3.5 for loss), 4 picks and 5 passes defended. As a junior he made 81 tackles (5.5 for loss), 8 passes defended and 1 pick.

CB Johnthan Banks – Mississippi State [6-2, 185, 4.57]
Despite re-signing McKelvin, many fans still are interested with a strong rookie vying for the starting role. Banks has been solid as the #1 corner for Miss State, but a slow 40 put his stock back. He had a 1.59’ split, 10 bench reps and a 34” vertical. In 2012 Banks recorded 63 tackles (2 for loss), 7 passes broken up and 4 picks. In 2011 he made 71 tackles (8 for loss), 3 sacks, 3 hurries, 3 FFs, 5 picks and 9 passes broken up.

CB Darius Slay – Mississippi State [6-0, 192, 4.31]
Slay was the #2 corner to Banks, but has risen with a strong senior year and a good combine outing. At the combine he had a fast 40, a 1.50’ split, 14 reps and a 35.5” vertical. In 2012 he made 40 tackles, 6 passes broken up and 5 picks; in 2011 he made 24 tackles, 1 pick and 4 passes broken up.

CB Jamar Taylor – Boise State [5-11, 192, 4.37]
Perhaps the best talent at corner still on the board is Taylor. At the combine though he shined with a fast 40, a 1.53’ split, a 35” vertical and 22 reps. In 2012 he had 51 tackles (3.5 for loss), 2.5 sacks, 3 FFs, 4 picks and 9 passes broken up. A year earlier he made 27 tackles (2 for loss), 2 picks and 6 passes defended.

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