Disappointed so far

What is clear so far in the Bills draft is that the front office has a completely need-based focus on the players they are selecting. And that's not necessarily bad, but of course it is the opposite of what they have preached.

Marquise Goodwin is a particularly confounding pick. He has less football football experience than TJ Graham had, he's short (read: not open when he's covered). Why would you pick him with Denard Robinson still on the board? As far as I'm concerned, Wes Welker is the prototypical short receiver in the NFL, and his game is all about running short routes and football IQ. It's just not clear to me that Goodwin will have the precision or know-how in his short route running to be productive and it's not clear that he fills a need of the Bills with Graham already on the roster. I would have preferred to have Robinson with his big game experience and multiple threat capability. I thought the new regime was all about hybrid schemes. It doesn't get more hybrid than Denard Robinson.

The Nix regime has had terrible luck (and little success) drafting receivers, so I'm worried about Robert Woods. On the Syracuse tape, he mostly burned the Orange with passes behind the line of scrimmage. Can he get open with his routes? He's not the dynamic athlete who will jump over people or run by them. He seems like a less creative Stevie to me, and I wish we could have David Nelson back in full health.

I'm also worried that Fitz was the only QB that will be able to get Stevie the ball on time in the right place. I'm concerned that all the work they did and trust they built on the practice squad is completely gone, and because of the QB competition, none of the QBs is going to have a chance to get comfortable and develop the report with all the receivers and thus the offense will struggle.

I hope Kiko Alonso is the answer at LB and gets us lots of interceptions. I like the fact that he is a larger individual than Bryan Scott and hope that he can help improve that position.

E.J. Manuel has a lot of things going for him. His release is unbelievably quick. I think his delivery looks like he's short arming the ball and it makes you wonder how far he can throw the ball when he takes a full windup. But, he's got the same "gunslinger mentality" that Fitz had and will need to learn when to fold 'em.

It could be great to bring Shamarko Thomas over from the Orange. Looks like he might be available in the next round, though it seems like the Bills have to pick a CB about now.

So far, this draft is far inferior to last year's when we got 2 first rounders early. I'm having a hard time getting excited about any of the picks so far with the possible exception of Manuel, but it really seems like the Bills could have traded down again and still taken him.

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