Double Flusher

That's right, a Mind Dump so big it will take two flushes to get it down.

I tend to hold off on judging the draft until see the whole picture, i.e. all the picks and UDFA pick ups. Here are my thoughts:

1 - LOVE the trade down. I was big into drafting the best QB ASAP to ensure the Bills get their guy. The Bills traded down, picked up two extra picks and still did that. As for the Manuel pick, he wasn't the guy I wanted but he is clearly the guy the Bills wanted. The Bills checked out every single viable QB option in this draft and picked Manuel. I can live with that, because no matter who the Bills picked, be it Manuel, Nassib, Barkley, or Leon Sandcastle the results are what count. If Marrone turns him into a quality Starting QB then all is good, if not, then the Bills are still looking for that guy. That is true no matter who was picked. So for now I will trust that Marrone took the guy he had the most faith in. Add in Tuel to the QB mix and the Bills are taking the first step towards revitalizing the QB position that has been nearly dead for so long. Now they need to keep it up, add to it again next year and the year after. Continuous improvement, never be satisfied at that position.

2 - Wide Receivers - Isn't it funny how the Bills dumped Jones and Nelson and now probably have more talent at the position? Adding Woods, Goodwin, Rogers, and even Kauffman is huge for this group. I really like this group of receivers.

3 - On a similar note, TEs. I like the Gragg pick, but I am not sure it solves the Tight End issue. I expect the Bills to look for a cheap veteran to sign after some more cuts are made and/or scouring the waiver wire, for a live body until Chandler is 100%.

4 - Not sure why everyone was so opposed to the Hopkins pick. Hopkins is going to be a good NFL kicker. I know people still have a bad taste in their mouths because of the Potter pick, but this is different. Potter was viewed as a kick off specialist and was kind of a luxury, gimmick pick. Hopkins could legitimately beat out Lindell and be a stud kicker for the Bills for quite some time. If Hopkins does beat out Lindell it will save the Bills some cash for next year. I actually liked the pick quite a bit.

5 - Meeks and Williams are two really good picks for the secondary. Pettine loves to use as many as 3 safeties on the field at one time, given Williams ability to cover as well as lay a solid hit on guys gives them so much versatility in the back field it is crazy.

6 - I will say that in place of the Alonso and Goodwin picks, if it were me drafting I might have gone with a guys like Jamie Collins at LB and Swope at WR simply because they looked to be the better players. Time will tell who was right, me or OBD. I will give them the benefit of the doubt since they get paid to make those decisions.

7 - Pretty sure that on at least two different times I called Taylor Bray falling in the draft, I said maybe as far a 6th round. Going undrafted? Wow, dude must have bombed his interviews.

All in all I think the Bills did a solid job, but just like every other teams drafts, whether you liked what they did or hated what they did, time will tell who was right. Odds are some guys will work out great, other will not.

- I think the biggest thing that annoys the heck out of me this time of year is when the Bills pass on a player somebody likes, or what is even more laughable the fail to sign him as an UDFA, the first comment said person makes is something along the lines of, "Buddy Nix is asleep at the Wheel". Because you know the man is purposely not doing the obvious (what you think should happen) so he is clearly incompetent. The man gets paid to make these kind of evaluations, just because he didn't sign the UDFA TE that you like doesn't mean he is incompetent. A little getting over yourself is required. end rant.

This year will be very interesting. My guess is they will be better then some of us think and get better as the year progresses.

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