My Grade for the Buffalo Bills 2013 draft

It's finally over... The thing we have been talking about ever since our season ended. Now here comes the harsh criticism from the "experts" as usual for the Bills, and the wonderful optimism from the fans! In personal opinion i have a love/hate relationship from this draft. some picks surprised me while others were solid and will help this team in the inevitable road to the playoffs. Scoring goes as follows- 1st round grade worth 100 points, 2nd worth 80 points, 3rd worth 75 points, 4th worth 60 points, 5th worth 50 points, 6th worth 40 points, and 7th worth 25 points. So here are my grades for this draft...

Round 1. EJ Manuel, QB FSU: T.I.B Trust In Buddy. This the man that brought us CJ Spiller, Marcell Dareus, Stephon Gilmore. We haven't had a first round bust in 3 straight years. I don't agree with what most people seem to think. You can't put a round label on a QB. If you have a franchise QB on your draft board then you take him. He has all the intangibles, but he still probably should sit a year behind Kolb to learn the offense and get used to the speed of the NFl. He's not a safe pick and he has the potential to be a bust, but he also has the potential to be a great QB for years to come. Grade: A- 90/100

Round 2a. Robert Woods, WR USC: Great pick, the Bills are going with the new QB drafting strategy where you take a QB early and surround him with as much weapons as possible. He's not a Calvin Johnson type receiver but he has the potential to be a solid low end #1 receiver and a high end #2 guy. One part of his game doesn't scream out superstar to you but he is solid all around. Grade: A 80/80

Round 2b. Kiko Alonso, LB Oregon: Nice pick to shore up the defense. What confused me was that there were still more high profile guys on the board at linebacker including Arthur Brown so to take a kid with injury and character issues (missed all of 2010 season from DUI suspension and ACL injury) confused me a bit. But when you watch this guy play he is completely fearless and can do everything for you (including cover). His 2012 stats go as follows: 12 games, 81 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, four picks, two forced fumbles and one sack. looks like he will be starting at ILB since Shep was just shipped off! Grade: B 68/80

Round 3: Marquise Goodwin, Playmaker Texas: I've listed him as a playmaker due to the fact that not only did he Receive, he also returned kicks and ran the ball (which is a testament to his ability, Texas has one of the deepest backfields in the NCAA). He is explosive and is a great blocker down the field. He won't be on the field much in his rookie year, due to the deep depth at WR which Buffalo has suddenly acquired, but when he is on the field then he will be the player to watch. The negatives of this pick are that buffalo already has a similar player in TJ Graham which they drafted last year in the 3rd round, so why pick another WR in a similar skill set? Goodwin will need some time to develop into a WR rather than just a athlete but if he does reach his potential than he might be the next Desean Jackson of Mike Wallace. Grade: C 56/75

Round 4: Duke Williams, S Nevada: Good value pick in the 4th round. Hard hitting safety who can play in the nickel and cover the tight end. Doesn't have great size but is a sure handed tackler. Is good in coverage and had 5.5 tackles for a loss in 2012. Will probably be the third safety in Marrones 3 safety defense sets and has a chance to beat out Searcy for the position opposite Byrd. Grade: B+ 53/60

Round 5: Jonathan Meeks, FS Clemson: Don't like this pick. When watching EJ Manuel play Clemson I could just see Meeks getting burnt by the Seminoles. We picked a good safety in Williams the round before but to pick another one when we have needs at Guard, Corner, and TE is just weird. Hopefully he turns out ok. Grade: F 25/50

Round 6: Dustin Hopkins, K FSU: Kicker with a huge leg who can make every kick less than 55 yards. Lindell's not so strong leg has gotten weaker as he ages so this all but assumes that lindell is gone in the next year. He is a kickoff specialist as well. Not the best when he is facing pressure but hopefully he can shake those bugs out with a little NFL experience. The only question with this pick is that he is a kicker... yep. We drafted a kicker in the 6th round when they are a dime a dozen on the market. Grade: C 30/40

Round 7: Chris Gragg TE Arkansas: Good developmental pick in the seventh round. Not really a tight end as his blocking is at sometimes atrocious. He is a receiver in a 6'3 244 body. OBD were probably hoping that he can develop into the number 2 guy at the TE spot. Grade: A- 23/25

Overall grade: 425/510 83%= low B

There you have it! My personal grades for the Bills draft! Feel free to comment

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