Triple Flusher-Nickell Robey, Keith Pough, and EJ Manuel's ability to read defenses

Well, this is just a mind dump similar to sireric's post (which I really enjoyed) so I named it accordingly.

Part 1: A friend over at had this to say about Nickell Robey.

Call me biased as a USC grad, but I think Nickell Robey has a very good chance of making the 53. Why did he go undrafted? A combination of things, in my opinion.

1) His size. While he's not the ideal size for a corner at 5'7 170, he's physical (always made the open field tackle) and he's got a 40 inch vertical. He was always the bright spot on some bad defenses the last few years. He reminds me a lot of Darrell Green (my favorite player ever) as a Redskins fan.

2) He went to USC (every player in the draft took a tumble because of how the team did overall this season). Barkley, TJ McDonald, and even Robert Woods fell further than projected. I felt like there was a bias against those players for whatever reason.

3) His 40 time. He ran a 4.5 at the combine, but ran sub 4.4 at his pro day. He plays a lot faster in pads than he does running for stop watches.

Bottom line: He's Tyrann Mathieu without the character issues. Robey's a pure football player, has a nose for the ball, and will win you over with his heart. I wish the skins got him, but you guys picked up a great one.

2011 Highlights Career Highlights

I'm excited. The potential is there and if he was excelling under Lane Kiffin, team destroyer, he will excelle even more under Pettine.

Part 2: Keith Pough
This is another great UDFA for the Bills in terms of potential. He was one of the best players at the Shrine game and has had one of the best careers in the MEAC conference with a record of 71 tackles for a loss. He talks 24/7 and just enjoys being a leader. He was recruited to play at LSU and Vanderbilt as a walk on. He runs down plays fron the back and has a great presence on the line. Here is a good write up on his back story. Here is his play against a Rutgers team that clearly over classed Howard but he still consistently made plays in the backfield and played as an OLB would play in Pettine's defense.

This is his play against Norfolk State, he dominated a lesser opponent as you would expect a future NFL player should. Its a 4 minute game video showing him in coverage

This is just a highlight film that I think he actually made on his personal youtube account. Just from stalking it it seems he has a strong personal belief in motivation and has great personal drive. Kudos to the Phil Colins In the Air Tonight music choice. Its a nice contrast to the rap and just overblown culture some players have imo. Its kinda hysterical watching him make this crazy hits and tackles with the music choices. He wraps up and drives through his tackels.

I'm rather excited to follow this seemingly phenomenal group through training camp. Rogers, Kaufman, Robey and Pough all have the potential to make the 53 man roster. I hope they do if they show that they can develop into NFL players.

Part 3: The EJ Manuel Myth
A site I visited pre draft was, he would go through and chart his own games and break down where QB's threw the ball and had some solid breakdowns. It was one of the reasons I wanted Nassib so much, because he excelled at all the right places. I went back and looked at the stats for EJ and was pleasantly surprised.
First off, I think that this site shows play callers tendencies much more than QB's. A play is designed to go certain places and it is practiced that way. Nassib had a play calling reps that was similar to Lucks and an NFL offense while EJ's plays were designed for screens and 1-5 yard passes. I would highly suggest you give this a read, he is compared to RG3 and Luck twice. Here is the article

The final thought that I will leave you with is where his incompletions came from. This in my opinion is the best stat the site examined. He breaks down throws between completions, double coverages, drops, overthrows, single coverages, and under throws. EJ had a 0.92% throws into double coverage. That is 3-4 passes over his entire year into double coverage. It shows that he was able to accurately diagnose a defense and place the ball appropriately. Unfortunately, the site did not break down last year or any other prior years throws into double coverage for QB's but it did for this years crop.

EJ 0.92%
Glennon 1.52%
Barkley 1.64
Wilson 1.81%
Dysert 1.82%
Nassib 1.94%
Smith 4.55%

This stat made me giddy because I can't wait to see the amount of times Smith throws into double coverage against a Pettine's NFL disguised defense if he is already throwing into it at that rate, to receivers like Austin and Bailey and against Big 12 defenses.

The Bills in my eyes have had one of their strongest drafts in about 10 years and easily the most potential from the UDFA's I have ever come across.

I hope my optimism isn't sickening or comes across as blind. I have tried to look into each guy and only found potential and upside and I am extremely happy with that.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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