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There's been a lot of discussion in the past weeks about when to take a quarterback in the draft, whether to trade down or up, and whether such a trade opportunity is likely. I think one consensus position is that trading down if possible is desirable if the Bills are going to get a quarterback first, to get extra picks in the second or third round. Another popular position is to go BPA in the first and trade back into the first round from 41 to get the quarterback at the top of Buffalo's board. So the question I had was, what team would give up their first round pick, even if it meant getting additional picks? Here's a mock draft with a tradeup.

Green Bay's top needs are at OLB/DE, OL and RB, possibly tight end. The Packers build more through the draft than free agency. With their positional needs and their first round pick, they will miss out on the top tier OL and DL players in the first round, but can still get value picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to meet all of their needs. A trade with Buffalo (41 and 71, for 26 and 193) gives two first and two third round picks where the Packers can get first or second-tier players to meet all of these needs. Buffalo keeps six picks, with an extra in the sixth round.

#8 Cordarelle Patterson, WR (Tennessee) - The Bills go for the receiver with the most upside in the 2013 draft. Patterson will be an immediate threat, drawing attention away from Johnson and Spiller. His yards-after-carry ability open up chances for big yardage gains every time he touches the ball, and his size provides an easy target for a new quarterback.

#26 Ryan Nassib, QB (Syracuse) - I like Glennon's upside and Barkley's leadership, but Nassib is more pro-ready than Glennon and more cold and wind-weather ready than Barkley. Buffalo grabs him at #26 before the Jets or any of the QB-needy teams at the top of the 2nd round get a chance.

#105 Jelani Jenkins, OLB (Florida) - FA pickups Alan Branch and Manny Lawson solidify the front seven of the Bills defense, particularly against the run. What the Bills still lack is a rangy weakside linebacker on the outside who can drop into coverage and control the edge. Jenkins is quick and aggressive, fitting this need nicely.

#143 Robert Lester, SS (Alabama) - Lester has some experience at free safety, but his size and most of his experience fits the strong safety position. He thus competes with Searcy and provides depth behind Byrd.

#177 Kyle Juszczyk, FB (Harvard) - With Cory Mac aging and yet to resign, Juszczyk comes in as a solid blocker with good hands who can upgrade the position with his receiving ability.

#193 Mychal Rivera, TE (Tennessee) - Rivera is another receiving threat who can get open and has bulk that makes him difficult to bring down. He lacks ideal height, and needs to work on his blocking technique, but he can line up all over the field and should be able to fill in for Chandler or join him in two tight-end sets.

I really wanted a starting level guard in this draft, and I would take Alvin Bailey (Arkansas) if he fell to 143. Losing that 3rd round spot hurts, because this draft is deep at most positions, and I like receivers, linebackers, guards and tight ends that can be had in the 3rd. But Patterson has star written all over him, and this mock secures him along with possibly any quarterback in the draft after Geno Smith. So... what do you think?

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