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As many know, I am a firm believer in BPA in the first round, I truly believe that the only way to build through a draft is to get playmakers (ie difference makers) in Round 1. Our beloved front office has made quite a few changes in recent months, many on the offensive side of the ball. One area where we now seem particularly bare is at the WR position given the sheer quantity of pass catchers that we had on our active roster the past few season, that position in particular seems quite bare at the moment and they have not done anything in Free Agency to address it either.

My take is that we probably won't be needing as many Wide Receivers in a Hacket/Marrone offense. I'm thinking that we will be using much more double TE and double RB sets, which will reduce the need for so many WRs. That being said, we don't have the right TEs in our current stable to be able to stretch the field from that position so I think we need to target one in the draft.

Eifert is going to be a superstar at the next level. At 6'6" 250lbs and 4.65 speed, he is force to be reckoned with. This guy is a much better blocker than people think and there is absolutely no question at all how good of a pass-catcher he is. HE IS the guy that's open even when he's not. Bellichick realized this a few years ago that a big, fast pass catching TE that can block is the single biggest mis-match for opposing teams. He is on the field all the time and he is in play on any play no matter what the situation is. Eifert is an incredible talent that will not last beyond 15-20, especially since the league is moving to double TE sets. It's a Copy-cat league and Eifert is very much today's version of Gronk. I cannot imagine a better pick for the Bills at #8 than Eifert.

Pick #8: Tyler Eifert (TE) Notre Dame

In Round 2 I think we need to go QB. There certainly is no QB worthy of a top 10 pick this year and I can't see Nix reaching when he knows that a decent QB will be available in Rd2. Given that we now seem poised to groom him behind Kolb for the first year, I think we need to go with the QB with the biggest upside. I think EJ Manuel at #41 makes the most sense. And lets be perfectly clear here, I don't believe that we will have a great year in 2013 so my thinking is that we probably are in play for one of the top QBs in 2014 and no matter what, I would love to see Whaley in play for one of the two top signal callers in 2014. Let's be clear here, I expect a QB at #41 and my preference is Manuel because I think Hacket can groom him in 1y but I'd be OK with other options here such as Nassib, Wilson, Bray. My point is that at least one of these guys will be there at #41 and I fully expect us to be in play again in 2014. My goal is to see us draft QBs each year from now on until we find our Franchise guy, I expect it.

Pick #41: EJ Manuel (QB) Florida St

Round 3. Here I might make some waves (Like I haven't already... haha). Here I think we could go for a bargain pick that will also be considered a big risk. This guy will slide into Rd3 because of the red flags but he's such a great athlete that I'd be willing to take the chance that he has matured and also that Doug Marone will be able to coach this kid up. We are luck to have a coach that comes from the college ranks, a coach who is considered a players coach. I think the top talent on the board in Rd3 will be Da'Rick Rogers, a huge Wide Receiver with speed and fantastic hands.

Rd3: Da'rick Rogers (WR)

Round 4. Many will question that I went offense with my first 3 picks and they should because we need help at OLB. The reason why I did that is because I feel that there is a steal in Rd4 that could be a huge addition to our Line backing core. A guy from a small school but a guy that had huge production over his collegiate career. I heard an interview on Sirius the other day and boy-o-boy did this guy impress me. He is mature beyond his years, very articulated and great football mind, seems like a great kid that is a very hard worker. He seems like one heck of a student of the game. At 6'4", 264lbs and a 4.74 (40) he is the prototypical DE/OLB Outside rusher. He played OLB in college and was extremely productive. I'd be OK with trading back up into rd3 to make sure we get him. My target for Round 4 is David Bass

Rd4: David Bass (OLB/DE)

So fellow Rumblers, let me know what you think.

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