My mock draft

Before I begin, I'd just like to say I am by no means an expert. I've wanted to do a mock draft on here for a while and finally plucked up the courage to do one. So go easy on me! I'm doing this draft based on how I would run it if I was in charge. I'm not going to do any trading scenarios since I'm still new to this. Now to my picks.

Round 1: Dee Milliner, CB Ala. I get the feeling the player I really want, Ezekial Ansah, will be gone by the time I pick. I was tempted to grab Cordarelle Patterson with this pick but his lack of college experience and decent but not great numbers worry me. Instead I go with Milliner who gives me a second great young CB on the roster and the chance to have a great secondary.

Round 2: Landry Jones, QB OU. Time to draft a quarterback. Jones is a very experienced QB having played in 50 games with a 39-11 record with a 3-1 bowl record. He set passing records not only at OU but in the Big 12 which has put out some quality QBs throughout the years. His stats are equally as impressive. Don't let his Senior Bowl performance wipe out how good a college career he's had.

Round 3: Quentin Patton, WR La Tech. He's quietly been one of the more consistent wideouts in college the last two seasons. He stands at 6-2 and while he doesn't have great speed he has excellent hands and is more than capable of going up and getting the football. He fits the huge bodied WR the Bills have lacked the past few seasons.

Round 4: Shamarko Thomas, S SU. I'll admit I didn't really watch a lot of Syracuse games but I checked out some highlights and I'm impressed. I feel like he'd be great value in the 4th. He might even become our starting Strong Safety.

Round 5: Gerald Hodges, LB PSU. I decide to go linebacker here. We severely need some help at the position and Hodges certainly helps. He's very athletic and can defend both the run and the pass giving us a much needed 3 down linebacker.

Round 6: Brian Winters, OG Kent State. I use my last pick on the All-Mac lineman. I caught a couple of Kent State games on TV and he provided good blocking. He's a project for sure coming from a smaller conference but he gives us much needed guard depth. With some training and experience he could even take over down the road.

Well, that wraps up my mock draft. It was a little harder than I thought it would be because each site I checked had different rankings. I also had to imagine who would drop and who would be gone when I picked. I did my best to try to make this as realistic as possible. So guys, what did you think?

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