How do we bolster the offensive line? (Revisited)

I would like get people's thoughts on how we (the Bills) are going to address the left guard position now that Levitre is gone as well as tighten up the rest of the interior. I ask this, because some recent mocks have the Bills choosing Chance Warmack – a left guard – with their first pick. Personally, this leaves me with a sick feeling, not because Warmack is unworthy, but because it would seem that by losing Levitre and then drafting a guard, we have essentially wasted a first round pick. Perhaps I should just break out the Pepto Bismol, however.

According to, here is our current depth chart for the offensive line:


Cordy Glenn

Thomas Welch

Zebrie Sanders

Adam Grant


Colin Brown


Eric Wood

David Snow


Kraig Urbik

Keith Williams


Chris Hairston

Erik Pears

Sam Young

Chris Scott
Hutch Eckerson

Of note is the fact that we ONLY have Colin Brown slotted at LG. Also, we are also only two-deep at center and right guard. So, we have to add bodies at both the guard and the center positions. In other words, there is a lot of offensive line work to be done other than replacing Levitre.

Our interior line strategy will comprise some combination of the following.

  • Free agency – Is there anyone left worth signing?
  • Trade – Similarly, is there anyone worth targeting? What would we have to give up?
  • Line Shuffling – For example, do we move a guy like Zebrie Sanders to guard? He has – I think – much upside, and Glenn is likely implanted ahead of him for the long haul. Another possibility might be to move Urbik to LG, Hairston to RG and Pears to first team RT. (Obvious problems with this one.)
  • Draft – There are naturally differences between how analysts rank prospects, but here is the ranking of the top four guards and centers from the


1. Travis Frederick

2. Barret Jones

3. Brian Schwenke

4. Khaled Holmes

None of these guys likely will go higher than the second round.


1. Chance Warmack

2. Jonathon Cooper

3. Kyle Long

4. Alvin Bailey

Warmack is a first rounder and Cooper may be as well. However, Long and Bailey will probably go no higher than the second round.

First question(s) – Does anyone have a read on Colin Brown? Is he starting material? Does he have upside?

Second question – Are there any viable line-shuffling scenarios?

Third question – Is there anything left to explore on the trade and free agent markets?

Fourth question – What is the draft strategy with respect to our line?

Ok, sage ones. What do we do?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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