The Best 3 Round Mock You Will See

I knew the title would get you to look here, but moving on...

Our current quarterback situation has me very uncertain whether or not we take a QB in the first, or just take BPA. In my opinion, Kolb can fill in this year, if and only if, our defense is elite like it is supposed to be. But, I dont want the Bills to wait til next year to draft a QB because that give me the impression they either plan on being bad, or want to trade away the future for a high pick. I am not looking for a rebuild year, I think we have potential to surprise the league this year. With that being said, here is my mock draft.

Round 1 Pick 8: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

If Geno Smith is available at 8, the Bills shouldn't even hesitate to jump at him. He is the BPA and a QB. There isn't much to not like about him. He can throw deep, he is accurate, and he can be mobile if he has to. I do not think anyone before has that big of a need at QB to take Geno. Chiefs are definitely take OL or maybe a defensive player, Jags need a QB, but I think it is too soon for them to give up on Gabbert, and they can always take a QB next year, and they have other needs, OAK just received Flynn, so they're set, and the Eagles have some promise in Foles, and Vick is still a solid QB, but they are the biggest threat in my opinion to steal Smith. Detroit has Stafford, Cleveland just drafted Weeden, and Arizona has Palmer, and they desperately need and offensive line.

I am not sold on taking a wide receiver this early like some mocks say the Bills will, because you can just as easily find a gem later on. Later on, meaning very soon............

****TRADE UP****

Round 1 Pick 16: Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

Buddy will not let this one slip through his fingertips, therefore he pulls the trigger on a huge draft day trade with the Rams. We trade '13 2nd, '14 2nd, and '13 4th for Pick 16 this year. These two picks give the Bills potential to be an elite offense for years to come. This is kind of like what the Bengals did 2 years ago with AJ Green and Dalton, except they dont have Spiller getting 6.0yds/carry. I do not see Nix moving up for anyone else, but I do not know what he is thinking. I wouldn't mind seeing a DL like Werner, LB like Ogletree, or even a secondary player like Vaccaro. But, Patterson is the best pick here.

Round 3 Pick 71: Linebacker

I do not have enough knowledge to know who to take in round 3 and beyond. But, I feel Nix has some faith in Leodis, as do I because he has shown flashes of potential, so we take an ILB that can stop the run and cover a tight end. Hopefully we make one or two more moves in Free Agency to bolster our linebacker and secondary depth, but either way we need some more young talent.

In previous drafts, Nix has gone mostly defense, so this year he changes it up. He gets his QB of the future, and his big reliable wide receiver along with it. The linebacking corps gets a boost, and I think this could be the year the Buffalo Bills make some noise, but then again, we all say that every year.

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