New Stadium Rumors

There has been articles over the last few months of the Bills possibly looking into a new stadium even though the owner or city can't afford to build one and they signed a contract for another decade at the Ralph. Well last week I finally saw a decent article on why the likelihood of a new mega stadium like the Cowboys, Texans, or Cardinals will never happen here. New Stadium. The simple answer why this is never happening (Without a multi-billionaire who will pay for all of the cost and NOT put it back on the fans|Privately Financed Stadium]): Workers in WNY barely make enough money to afford tickets at The Ralph and will not be able afford inflated prices on a brand new location. Salaries

A few Issues I see:

  • Building a new stadium ("if we build it they will come" philosophy) to generate business and jobs is not solving the issue, it's trying to solve a symptom of the root casue, which is jobs and salaries
  • This is not the teams issue, it's NYS and WNY's problem
  • Why does everyone want a new stadium so badly? Green Bay has done a tremendous job using Lambeau field since 1957. Buffalo is a small market and needs to think like that, even big markets shouldn't waste money like this Stadium Horror Story

My solutions:

  • Continue with the Ralph enhancements. Hopefully seating, bathrooms and TVs are updated to standard, but also push the technology enhancements more. Maybe free Wifi for season ticket holders or everyone (it's still pretty hard to get wifi for 70,000+ people), step it up Verizon.
  • Push on the politicians in WNY and Albany to get some tax breaks on major corporations to move to WNY. They should be doing everything in their power to have fortune 500 companies relocate major branches into the 716 area. I am not talking about 50 people, but tens of thousands that will actually push the average salary barometer to at least a respectable National average. Fortune 500 Companies = People moving into the area, greater paying jobs and potential corporate sponsors, which equates to more people willing to buy season tickets and possibly more box seats being purchased. ("It's so simple" Hansel's voice - Zoolander)
  • Instead of devising plans to keep the Buffalo Bills in WNY, start designing a plan to actual bring businesses to our great city so it can begin to prosper.

Now I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I hope some of you see the bigger picture is not building a new stadium, people will still go to The Ralph if the seats were missing and the Bills will NOT sellout their season tickets in a new stadium, the issue is how our state does not help get big corporations in to WNY. This needs to be addressed.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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