Bigger, Faster, Smarter, Stronger, and Better

The draft and the off-season could not be moving slower for this anxious Bills Fan. Overall I will admit I'm excited the hiring of Marrone at first I wasn't sure of but it has grown on me along with the rest of our main coaching staff in Pettine and Hackett.

With the draft visits starting to get under way there are some names I feel have really reflected that mind set. I will also admit I have watched that ESPN sports science which is just interesting to see how athletic wise how prospects match up with current pros.

The purpose of this post give a mini mock draft. As our free agent moves start to reflect what I've notice since Buddy Nix came into town. Getting us Bigger, faster, smarter, stronger and better football players. This highlighted by the additions of Manny Lawson, Alan Branch. and even Kevin Kolb to the extent of his arm, though that can be debated.

In our visits the names that jump out at me the most that make me intrigued are Jamie Collins, Cooper Taylor, Ryan Griffin. Not just their physical attributes stand out but their aggressive nature on the field. It just seems very in line with what Pettine demands out of his players.

Mock Draft:

1st Round: DeAndre Hopkins WR, Clemson

Now I'm no guru on trades when it comes to the draft. I would love to see the Bills trade down and pick up an extra second while moving down in the 1st round. Hopefully someone falls in love with Matt Barkley or Mingo enough to want to jump ahead of the Jets. I love Ziggy A at #8 but he will probably be gone.

Hopkins earned my pick because the guy is an aggressive WR. With a 41.5 inch vertical he can out jump the highest rated CB in the draft in Millner . Hopkins stands 6 foot 1 214 pounds with 10 inch hands with 33 3/8 arms. He has the production to back up those numbers as well as leadership. I like Cordelle Patterson out of Tenn it is tough not to after viewing the film however the Bills haven't checked him out and I believe they need a plug and play WR. Hopkins gives us the balance of playmaker, instant starter and versatility. The route running, consistency, and hands is what makes Hopkins the pick over Patterson.

2nd Round: EJ Manuel QB, Florida St.

I like Manuel for the Bills. Especially in the 2nd round. I don't think he will be the day 1 starter. I think Kolb will start off the season if the Bills get the W's with him, he stays in the role. Kolb will serve as a Matt Flyn if he proves anything he becomes an asset to trade down the road. If not worse comes to worse he is a backup. Either way it gives Manuel time to really soak in what Hackett can make Manuel. Here is a sports science video I think outlines some key facts and impressive number Manuel has,

2nd Round 2nd Pick: Jamie Collins Southern Miss

Standing at 6 foot 4 and 250 pounds that can run a 4.5 40 with a 41 inch vertical. To say he is explosive is an under statement. A fact not taken into consideration was he was on a Win-less team yet still produced. That takes mental toughness to not win a single game yet to still go out and give it your all on the field. 40 tackles for loss and 16 1/2 sacks in last 2 years Collins rises to the occasion even more against the better competition their schedule had to offer.

Who would you guys select to finish out the draft, with an A grade in your opinion? Picks that will let the Bills become bigger, faster, smarter, stronger and better....leave your comments/edits below

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