Our Mock 5.3

After a tight vote in the second round, the winner was LB Arthur Brown of Kansas State. 38% of the fans wanted a pure linebacker while 31% advocated for wide receiver. LB Brown also earned the majority of the vote with 18%, LB Manti Te’o had 12% of the vote for second while WR Robert Woods had 11% of the vote in third. Here’s the mock so far. (Note that players’ stock has/will change up to draft day which is why I’ll be doing a partial mock in the week leading up to the draft.

Round 1. QB Geno Smith – West Virginia
Round 2. LB Arthur Brown – Kansas State

The Bills still have needs in a number of areas and could double up at QB and LB. Other needs include WR (and depth), TE, LG, FB, DE (pass rusher), CB and Safety (depth). An asterisk (*) indicates that player is a junior and I used unofficial 40 times which are the faster recorded times. Information that I have compiled on the 14 players below has come from the following sources: Walter Football, CBS Sports, NFL Draft Scout, Buffalo Bills Draft and CFB Stats.

Go Bills!!



WR Stedman Bailey* – West Virginia [5-10, 193, 4.46]
Though he did not show off his speed well at the combines and WVU pro-day, Bailey was a solid target over the last few years for Geno Smith, partially due to his solid routes and large hands. In 2012, he led the FBS with 25 TDs, catching 113 passes for 1,627 yards (14.4 avg). The year before he caught 72 passes for 1,279 yards (17.8 avg) and 12 TDs. He ran a 1.59’ 10 yd. split at his pro-day.

WR Aaron Dobson - Marshall [6-3, 210, 4.37]
Dobson never had great production due to lackluster QB performances, but really emerged at the senior bowl and at his pro-day (was injured during the combine). He notched 16 reps on the bench press and had a solid 1.51’ 10 yd. split and has average 9.1” hands. In 2012, Dobson caught 57 passes for 679 yards (11.9 avg) and 3 TDs; in 2011 he notched 49 receptions for 668 yards (13.6 avg) and 12 TDs.

WR Da'Rick Rogers* - Tennessee Tech [6-2, 217, 4.52]
Rogers could have been a first round pick this year, but off-field issues forced him out of the Vols program. He looked a bit slow at the combines with a 1.67’ 10 yd. split, but had a 39.5” vertical and 9.5” hands. This year he caught 61 passes for 893 yards (14.6 avg) and 10 TDs. In 2011 he made 67 catches for 1,040 yards (15.5 avg) and 9 TDs.

WR Ryan Swope – Texas A&M [6-0, 205, 4.28]
Swope really benefitted at the combine; despite having smaller 8.5” hands, he notched a fast 40, a 1.47’ 10 y.d split, 16 bench press reps and a 37” vertical. Swope got off to a slow start in 2012, rebounding to finish with 72 catches for 913 yards (12.7 avg) and 8 TDs. The year before he made 89 catches for 1,207 yards (13.6 avg) and 11 TDs.

TE Gavin Escobar* - San Diego State [6-6, 254, 4.78]
Escobar saw his stock slightly rise with OK speed, a 1.68’ 10 yard split and good 97” hand size, but only managed 12 reps on the bench press. More of a receiving TE, Escobar caught 42 passes for 543 yards (12.9 avg) and 6 TDs in 2012. The year before he caught 51 passes for 780 yards (15.3 avg) and 7 TDs.

TE Jordan Reed* - Florida [6-3, 236, 4.70]
Reed was a dynamic playmaker for the Gators and though having a shorter frame, has good speed with a 1.61’ 10 yard split and 10.1” hands (only managed 16 reps for the bench). Reed reminds me a bit of Aaron Hernandez with his potential as a FB/TE hybrid. In 2012 he made 45 catches for 559 yards (12.4 avg) and 3 TDs, while in 2011 he made 28 receptions for 307 yards (11.0 avg) and 2 TDs.

OL Alvin Bailey* - Arkansas [6-3, 312, 4.95]
Bailey excelled at the combine with a fast 40 yd. dash and posting 27 reps on the bench press. Though a little short, he has long 34.2” arms and has done well in the past for both run and pass blocking.

OL Dallas Thomas - Tennessee [6-5, 306, 5.08]
Thomas has experience at tackle and guard, the latter position he started for all of 2012. With 33.2” arms, he’s better at guard than left tackle. A shoulder injury kept him from working out at the combine which could cause his stock to fall out of day 2 consideration though he has been fairly durable and consistent in his career.

DE Corey Lemonier* - Auburn [6-3, 255, 4.53]
One of the pass rushers the Bills could pursue in round 3 is Lemonier. He has great speed with a solid 40, a 1.57’ 10 yd. split, and had 27 bench press reps at the combine. He fell due to inconsistency in 2012 in which he posted34 tackles (5.5 for los), 5.5 sacks and 12 hurries. In 2011 he made 47 tackles (13.5 for loss), 9.5 sacks, 15 hurries and 5 forced fumbles.

DE Sam Montgomery* – LSU [6-3, 262, 4.68]
With Barkevious Mingo, LSU had two good pass rushers, but Montgomery’s stock has fallen due to concerns of his work ethic and ability to disengage from blockers. At the combine he ran a 1.64’ 10 yd. split. Montgomery has some good numbers; in 2012 he made 37 tackles (13 for loss), 8 sacks and 3 hurries. In 2011 he made 49 tackles (13.5 for loss) and 9 sacks.

DE Sio Moore – Connecticut [6-1, 245, 4.62]
Moore is more of a 3-4 OLB Von Miller type. He displayed great speed at the combine with a 1.62’ 10 yd. split and had 29 bench press reps. Moore in 2012 made 72 tackles (15.5 for loss), 7.5 sacks and 11 passes broken up. The year before he made 86 tackles (16 for loss), 6.5 sacks, 3 hurries, 3 picks and 6 passes defended.

SS Philip Thomas – Fresno State [6-1, 208, 4.53]
Thomas’s stock fell slightly having to sit out 2011 with an injury and a lackluster showing at the combine. Thomas did rebound at his pro day with a solid 40 to complement his 1.54’ 10 yd. split, 14 bench press reps and35” vertical. In 2012 Thomas recorded 84 tackles (12 for loss), 4 sacks, 4 FFs, 5 passes defended and 8 picks.

CB Jordan Poyer – Oregon State [6-0, 191, 4.46]
Poyer was a shutdown corner for the Beavers, but despite a 1.50’ 10 yd. split wasn’t overly impressive with a 32.5” vertical and in drills. In 2012, Poyer made 50 tackles (5 for loss), 2 sacks, 7 passes defended and 7 picks. In 2011 he made 57 tackles, 12 passes defended, 4 picks and had a punt return for a TD.

CB Tharold Simon* – LSU [6-2, 202, 4.48]
Simon is a big starting corner, who although was inconsistent, has a lot of potential with his size and speed. At the combine he ran a 1.57’ 10 yd. split, and notched a 34” vertical. Simon is physical making 45 tackles, 9 passes defended and 4 picks in 2012, while making 42 tackles (2.5 for loss), 2 picks and 10 passes defended the year before.

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