Stop It! Not as Much has Changed as we would Like to Think

My name is Tim and I just want to vent in kind of a long form so thanks for reading. I like all of you have been a life-long and diehard BILLS fan so these last 13 years have been awful. I want to talk about Doug Whaley and this perceived change that we apparently now have.

Whaley was not someone we brought in from the outside. He has been here the last three years and frankly has not helped Buddy Nix make sound football decisions. Before you ask, "Well Tim, how do you know?" it is because the team has not gotten any closer to making the playoffs. Apparently he was a big part of this draft, well he was the Assistant GM, he should have had a big part in every draft. I'm not dismissing the promotion. I am just not as optimistic that he is going to change things since he has already been here and he was not a real agent for change. Maybe Buddy held him down and didn't listen to his ideas? Maybe it will change with him running the show? I am just not willing to go all in on Doug Whaley.

The media has been touting how the BILLS have went from the oldest front office to the youngest and with a "New President," GM and coach there is plenty to be positive about. The only thing new is Marrone who I do like being a Syracuse fan as well. He can turn around a program but remember the Orange while they were on the way back were still years away from being a BCS Bowl contender and even further away from a National Title. This wasn't a Nick Saban turn around by any stretch of the imagination.

Russ Brandon is the engine that could doom this franchise into relocation. I am tired of the media acting like he has a clean slate. He has been here since 1997 and has been in charge of the business operations for nearly 10 years. He has been running the day-to-day of the team since Marv re-retired back in 2008. Other than putting training camp at St. John Fisher all of his decisions have been major failures. Brian Moorman on the cover of the season ticket packages, letting Buddy Nix hire Chan Gailey instead of making him stick to Ralph's creed that he was going to spend up to 10 million dollars for a coach, not rolling back the blackout rule, saluting Scott Norwood for halftime of the Jets game when we were 5-2 (Might as well put a dark cloud on the whole thing) and of course the treacherous act that was coming up with and then renewing the Toronto deal are all head scratchers that have shown that the quote: "Marketing Genius," end quote never took a public relations course. He should have been fired years ago and truth is until he is replaced by new ownership that hopefully keeps the team here we will always be swimming upstream.

The media who follows this team and gets paid to do it should not be so gullible that real change has happened. The GM was hired in house and the president has clearly been a failure. There are members of both the roster and coaching staff that look promising but there are a lot of pieces missing.

Like I said, I want to be optimistic but we need to take a step back and see that things might have changed a little but full scale change has not happened and will not happen until Ralph dies, the team is sold and Russ is fired. Sorry.

Thanks for reading.


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